Friday, November 11, 2016

Meon, Desecration's Regal

Today I cleaned the shield of Nuri, a brash and noble Power, who found his own answer to the Windflower Law. Cutting forth his atman, he bound it into a shield, decorated with his love’s Design, as a gift for her. His body would forget her; his Estate would forget her; but he would be with her always. It hangs in Meon’s halls in Locus Entropy. I do not believe his Ramona ever learned of its existence. Such are the ways of life and love.
—from the Thought-Record of Martin Cravitt 

“My lord,” the Dominus said, “I have done no wrong. Driven no one mad. I was not present at the scene. I used no power.” 
Lord Entropy’s eyes narrowed. Two fngers moved slightly, against the stone. Meon lifted his eyes from Lord Entropy’s hand. “The Locust Court grants,” he said, “that it was not you but the portrait that broke the crowd; and in some sense the artist, who captured too truthfully your inner self.” He glanced back at Lord Entropy, but the fngers were silent. After a moment, Meon continued, 
“The Court recognizes the salience of your point. It should comfort you to know that the portrait and artist shall both share your fate.”
—from the Thought-Record of Hugh Rosewood

“Do you love me?” I asked, when our time was done.
Diamanta leaned her head back to look at me. “Is that why you think I come to you?” 
“Why do you, then?”  
She looked down. “I committed a sin I cannot bear,” she said. “Tis is my expia tion.”
—from the Tought-Record of Desecration’s-Regal Meon

Lord Entropy has many servants. He has three extremely competent Powers — Meon, who is the Power of Desecration; Baalhermon, Power of Destruction; and Joktan, Power of Scorn

Meon cannot possibly be as bad as people say, because if he was, then there would be nothing left for virtue in this world. There wouldn’t be any point in anything, in even trying, if Meon were as bad as people say. 
And I’ve never noted him explicitly as doing harm. I’ve never seen it, never heard of it, never obtained an authoritative documentary reference to any cruel and monstrous thing that he has done. He doesn’t even have his own wing of the palace; he isn’t part of the government of the evil world. He’s just there. 
But I’ve seen him. I’ve seen a photograph of him. I’ve seen his smile. So I know why people say what they say. I’ve seen his smile. He keeps all the worst things in the world in that smile, behind that smile, like he’s holding them all back. Like he’s holding back all the worst things that could ever happen, all the time.
Sometimes it seems that the thing Meon holds back behind his smile —the thing he is struggling so desperately to keep inside him, to keep from leaking out into the world — is the realization of Lord Entropy’s dreams and desires. Sometimes it seems he is not so much Lord Entropy’s Power as his jailor. When it most seems like that is so, Meon has unpleasant days in turn.

He could be that thing which makes things discordant with themselves and the entire world, the thing that rips and ruins, the thing that is the worst face of every monster in the world. He could be that. He maybe even might be that. But for right now, he holds it back. He holds it back, so maybe he’s fghting it. Maybe on some level he’s trying to do good. But I don’t think that’s why. 
Meon is the god of defilement; he is the Power of Desecration. 
And it seems to me that he is leashing himself because it is more pleasant to him that people desecrate themselves, and one another, and their own holy things. It seems to me that he is choosing not to be so very great an evil as he ought to be, as he could be, as people say he is, because he loves how very wicked people are, even without Meon. 

--Jenna Katerina Moran, "Nobilis -- A Field Guide to Powers"

Estate of Desecration

-Desecration profanes the sacred
-Desecration seeks to despoil the beautiful
-Desecration is monstrous in the sight of God
-Desecration delights the wicked

Domain Miracles of Desecration

  1. Summon an irritating imp. Crumple a religious symbol, ruin a religious book, damage the beauty of an attractive person (Surface wound)
  2. Sense a religious or beautiful place or thing (awaiting for desecration). Sense virginity. Determine if something has been desecrated in the past.
  3. Make a desecration especially appalling. Make your desecration lasting, so that it takes years to clean up. Make an act of desecration so deep that it becomes a thing sacred to Hell.
  4. Drive away or wound angels (Divine wound). Instantly despoil a church, a woman, a work of art. Create an unholy monster from nothing.
  5. Remove an act of desecration, restoring the sacredness of something. Restore someone's virginity. Destroy an unholy monster (Divine wound). Restore ruined beauty. Help someone find redemption in the sight of God. In desecrating something, understand something more deeply about it. Know if a site will be desecrated in the future and under what circumstances. Use an act of desecration as a ritual to tell the future.
  6. Make a desecration so deep that the site/person will never return to a state of grace. Shift a desecration through time or space (Shift the desecration of a nun to the desecration of a gang's precious hide-out). Change how people will interact with a particular form of desecration and what it means to them (It's till monstrous, but it may change why they find it monstrous, or what they do about it).
  7. Force an angel to fall. Wound a piece of heaven. Summon a devil. Desecrate an ideal or a movement (change a pure, pristine love someone has for another into something monstrous in the eyes of God).
  8. Restore a piece of hell to a state of grace. Help a devil become an angel again. Restore Chernobyl to a pristine and sacred state.
  9. Change the course or actions of a monster. Determine how an act of desecration will change the entire world (making an act of desecration a ritual that has profound, almost cosmic power).

Persona Miracles of Desecration

  1. Give someone fangs or claws or a wicked smile. Urge a pervert to indulge in a monstrous action with an innocent. Make someone problematic in church. Make someone a little appealing to wicked people
  2. Be present at any act of Desecration.
  3. Make yourself an unholy monster. Make yourself very appealing to wicked people. Make yourself something that wounds or damages sacred things.
  4. Turn someone else into a full-blown unholy monster (a devil, a vampire, etc). Make someone very appealing to the wicked. Make someone a walking sin that damages the profane just by standing close to it (“A desecration wound”)
  5. Remove the appeal something has to the wicked. Make something appealing in the sight of god. Make someone a protector of the beautiful, or a person or an act no longer able to harm the sacred.
  6. Enchant someone so that acts of desecration brings them enlightenment or power. Become a towering hell-beast. Become a celebrity/messiah to every wicked man or monster on Earth, angelic and breathtaking in their sight.
  7. Turn someone else into a towering hell-beast. Make someone else a celebrity messiah to all the wicked men of the earth. Change the meanint of an act so that doing or thinking it (“Do not bring a rubik's cube into this sacred space!”) will forever ruin a place.
  8. Make sure that an act or thing is never capable of profaning something again. Turn a devil into an angel (No longer monstrous in the sight of god).
  9. Make an act of desecration something that gives people wondrous or divine powers.

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