Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Patreon Poll - July Topics

It's that time of the month again: patrons get to vote on what topic they'd like me to explore in July!

All Patrons (all I ask for is $1) get to vote on a generic topic, which includes the following options:

  • Action Vehicular Combat - The Great Playtest
  • A Deep Dive into Conditional Injury
  • A Review of Fantastic Dungeon Grappling
  • Trademark Moves as Style Basis
  • Martial Arts as Power-Ups
  • Plague Creation Rules
  • Slave Armies
  • Wildcard: General RPG topics
  • Wildcard: General Psi-Wars setting topics
For my Psi-Wars fans ($3+), we're focused on rule collation currently.  They'll get to vote on a set of rules to add to the wiki, and a single template that I'll revise and add to the wiki.

  • Abstract Wealth: 
  •  The Call to Adventure: how to get a Psi-Wars adventure started.
  •  The Road to Adventure: Space and Planetary Travel in Psi-Wars 
  •  Unveiling the Secrets of the Galaxy: Investigation in Psi-Wars 
  •  Action: Combat rules and Vehicular Action rules 
  • Psionic Powers
  • Communion.
And the template vote options include:

Core Templates
  •  The Commando
  •  The Diplomat
  •  The Fighter Ace
  •  The Officer
  •  The Security Agent
  •  The Spy
Rim Templates
  •  The Assassin
  •  The Bounty Hunter
  •  The Con Artist
  •  The Frontier Marshal
  •  The Scavenger
  •  The Smuggler
Additional Templates
  •  The Mystic (Including lenses for Akashic priestesses, Divine Mask cultists, True Communion monks, etc)
  • The Space Knight (including lenses for Maradonian knights, Templar students, Dark Initiates, etc)
This is my big thank you to my patreons, and I hope all of you take the opportunity to make your voice heard.  If you have specific thoughts I am, as always, available on Discord!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Collated Rules - The Core of Psi-Wars

My patrons voted on a rule collation topic, and they chose "the basics." Over on the wiki, I'd added a page to collate the "basic rules" of Psi-Wars.  You can go and check it out here! It'll be the "master" of all further rules updates for the basic elements of Psi-Wars.

Saturday, June 8, 2019

Alliance Space Vehicles - Allegiance-Pattern Carrier

ST/HP: 7000

Hand/SR: -5/6

HT: 13

Move: 1/50 (+8)

LWt.: 340,000

Load: 150,000

SM: +13

Occ.: 7100ASV

DR: 2500*

Range: 5 jumps

Cost: $225B

Loc.: gGs22t

Stall: 0

Total Chase Roll: +3

*The Allegiance-Pattern Carrier has 2500 Carbide Composite DR on all sides (double DR vs plasma attackes). It also has a force screen with 10,000 ablative, hardened DR.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Alliance Space Vehicle - Sword-Pattern Battleship

ST/HP: 7000

Hand/SR: -4/6

HT: 13

Move: 3/90 (+9)

LWt.: 360,000

Load: 23,000

SM: +13

Occ.: 2000 ASV

DR: 5000/2500*

Range: 5 jumps

Cost: $300B

Loc.: gGs21t

Stall: 0

Total Chase Roll: +5

*The Sword-Pattern Battleship has 5000 Carbide Composite DR on the front, and 2500 DR on all other sides (double DR vs plasma attacks and shaped charge missiles). It also has a force screen with 10,000 ablative, hardened DR.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Patreon Special: the Siege of Centauri Prime

My patrons voted on a Worked Example of an Ultra-Tech Framework setting for this month.  Sometime last year, I created a series on Ultra-Tech Frameworks, that is, how do you choose what technology you want for your setting.  

Today, I present the Siege of Centauri Prime, a worked example of a TL 10 setting, wherein the players play as students in a virtual high school who, when they're not busy helping with their parents' terraforming chores, sneak off to fight one another in drone battles with misappropriated terraforming drones.  This is not a full setting so much as a setting seed, and shows how one might go about choosing the basic technology for a setting, and then expanding on existing technological ideas to create nuanced gameplay (Mass Combat, in this case).

This is available to all Patrons ($1 is all I ask) as a thank you for their support.

Alliance Space Vehicles - Regal-Pattern Heavy Cruiser

ST/HP: 3500

Hand/SR: -1/6

HT: 13

Move: 6/110 (+10)

LWt.: 40,000

Load: 6,000

SM: +12

Occ.: 450ASV

DR: 2500*

Range: 5 jumps

Cost: $12B

Loc.: gGs17t

Stall: 0

Total Chase Roll: +9

*The Regal-Pattern Heavy Cruiser has 2500 Carbide Composite DR on all sides (double DR vs plasma attackes). It also has a force screen with 4000 ablative, hardened DR.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Alliance Space Vehicle - The Lancer-Pattern Heavy Assault Frigate

ST/HP: 700

Hand/SR: +0/5

HT: 12

Move: 2/250 (+12)

LWt.: 2750

Load: 285

SM: +9

Occ.: 90ASV

DR: 2500/500*

Range: 4 jumps

Cost: $2.7B

Loc.: g3rR

Stall: 0

Total Chase Roll: +12

*The Lancer has 2500 Carbide DR on the front and 500 Carbide DR on all other locations. It also has a force screen with 1000 ablative, hardened DR.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Blog Roadmap: June

Last month was an alright month for views.  It didn't help that I'm not really sure what to do with my vehicle posts when it comes to promotion.  I feel like I'm spamming people with vehicles they don't care about, so I think I'm just going to stop promoting them, though there's more to come of course. Instead, I'm going to promote more generic GURPS posts, or more broadly interesting things.

That said, it was a great month for Patreon.  I've added two new patrons, the Secret Council has a new member (Sir, if you wake to find your bed surrounded by dark-robed figures who offer you a code ring, be not afraid and accept the ring).  I've also lost one patron, a long time patron, which is always sad.  God speed, good sir, and I thank you for your support.

For the rest of the month, the patreon topic votes are in.  Our general topic will be:

  • A new Ultra-Tech Setting
This will be a patreon special.  The intent will be to do a "worked example" of my "How to Build an Ultra-Tech framework" series from a few months ago. This is mostly done, it just needs a few touch-ups.

For Psi-Wars, I'll be continuing with my Alliance vehicles (4 capital ships remain) and over on Patreon, we voted on two things, and the results are:
  • Details on the Eldoth (and the Deep Engine) as monsters/conspiracy
  • Rule Collation: the Basics of Psi-Wars.
The Rule collation is already done and has been reviewed by the Secret Council.  It will go up as a post and on my Wiki.  The Eldoth, when they're done, will be a Patreon Preview, at least for now.

I'm looking forward to it, and I hope you are too!
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