Friday, November 18, 2016

Cameron Delacroix, Excrucian Deciever

Cameron Delacroix is the oncoming storm, the great terror that reveals your sins, the death of angels, and the heart of the Excrucian War on Earth, and the great boogieman invoked by the Imperators to frighten their powers.  He is these things because he chooses to be these things, because he has defined himself thus.  Those who speak his name in frightened whispers, who speculate of his coming and what that will do, unknowingly invoke, and participate in, the Dark Tidings of Cameron Delacroix, and thus summon him.  So terrifying has this possibility become that many no longer refer to him directly.  He is only "him," or "the trouble."  Even this has become a euphemism for Cameron Delacroix, and so now some people just discuss the Excrucian War rather than discussing him, ie "I worry that the Excrucian War is going badly.  I worry that IT might come for us soon."

His flowers are Vervain, the Key of the Dragon, and the Star of Bethlehem, the Key of Burdens. He bears his abhorrent weapon, One Truth, also known as the Windflower Blade, which carries within it the heart of Sebastian Saint-Smythe, whom the blade is destined to destroy.  He rides on his terrifying skyship, the Dreadship, and is served by his prophet, Thomas the Mouse.  No Imperator hates him more then Meon and Joktun, for he regularly undermines the power of Scorn and Desecration in the world, by making the mocked beloved, and by making the ruined sacred once more.  According to whispered rumor, Cameron has wounded Azrael, but none have yet noticed where.

The Dark Tidings of Cameron Delacroix

-...precedes the coming of Cameron Delacroix.
-...are terrifying and must be dealt with immediately!
-...reveal your sins to the world.
-...depict Cameron Delacroix as he wishes to be depicted, rather than as he is.
-...fill the sky with darkness, dreadful storms and the ominous ringing of bells

Persona Miracles of Cameron Delacroix's Dark Tidings

  1. Make the shadows around someone a little thicker. Make a bell ring out ominously. Make someone's sins a little more apparent. Make someone more obvious. Encourage someone to lie about Cameron. Allow Cameron to show up someplace inconsequential (his favorite coffee shop for a quick drink, or to crash a cool party for a bit).
  2. Walk with anyone who bears the Dark Tidings of Cameron Delacroix. Become aware of a specific place where those Dark Tidings are spoken. Be present wherever someone offers trembling, worried news about Cameron Delacroix.
  3. Cameron can simply show up anywhere he has already been. Cameron is frightening and gains all the attention in the room. Cameron can speak of your secret sins. Cameron can look like whatever wants. Cameron gains the power to summon storms.
  4. Cameron can appear wherever the enchanted person has arrived. The enchanted is terrifying and demands everyone's immediate attention. The enchanted must reveal their sins. They must describe or see Cameron as he wants to be seen. They are surrounded by darkness or storms. When the enchanted topic is spoken of, it precedes the coming of Cameron Delacroix.
  5. See through the eyes of all who bear the dark tidings of Cameron Delacroix, even if currently across the Weirding Wall (thus “dead”). Cameron cannot arrive (or be) at the location of the Sacrificed. Remove the quality of frightfulness that someone has. Prevent someone from revealing a sin. Let someone see Cameron for what he is.
  6. Cameron can speak of the secret sins of the world. Cameron can appear to be an exact replica of someone else. Cameron can blot out the sun. Cameron gains the attention of the whole world. Cameron can arrive anywhere he has already been, even Heaven, Hell, or beyond the Weirding Wall (thus, even if Cameron is slain, he can just return with this). Someone who hears the Dark Tidings of Cameron Delacroix converts to Cameron's cause. The Dark Tidings of Cameron Delacroix will kill those who listen.
  7. Cameron can arrive wherever the enchanted is, even if he is in another world. They will see Cameron as whatever he wishes to be, even a king or their true love.
  8. Cameron is not and can never be at a particular location. An entire nation may not speak the dark tidings of Cameron Delacroix. A particular sin may never be revealed, or even understood, on any level.  An entire sphere of terrifying ideas become non-threatening ("Vampires aren't threatening.  They're actually very romantic!")
  9. A nation, or world becomes tied to the dark tidings of Cameron Delacroix, and what those dark tidings mean for that world fundamentally changes (“Only Cameron Delacroix can save us!”).

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