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The Camorra of Vancouver

Negotiate a Deal

0 or less: Walk away with something you didn’t want and a huge debt to the Camorra. Good job!
2: You negotiate a deal and you get something useful, but you’re not sure if it’s precisely what you wanted.
3: Maybe you didn’t get what you wanted, but the Camorra always like a sucker. You’ve made friends with them! Good job?
4: You negotiate a deal and get what you wanted, but it comes at a cost.
6: Your streetwise impresses the Camorra. They look forward to working with you again.
7: You negotiate a deal and get what you wanted, and you manage to outwit the Camorra enough that your payment seems minimal.

Troubles, Tools and Bonds

  • The House Always Wins (Trouble -3): You must face this trouble if you attempt to out-negotiate the Camorra and gain some kind of benefit without any real payment. The Camorraalways wins in the end. This has the backing of Lord Entropy’s power, so the -3 also acts as an Auctoritas against miracles to get something form the Camorra for free.
  • Anything for a Price (Tool +2): If you are willing to pay the Camorra’s price, they can definitely improve your chances of finding anything illegal or illicit to help any mundane effort you might have. They have girls, they have boys, they have blue-skinned space-princesses; they have guns, they have explosives, they have ritual blades; they have booze, they have drugs, they have doorways to lost dimensions. If you want it, if its forbidden, someone can work it out for you. The bonus doesn’t apply to negotiation, but to any other mundane effort

The Pop Opera

The Pop Opera is an up-scale nightclub in Vancouver that serves only the most exclusive clientele: the Nobilis of Vancouver. It also serves as the prime front of the Camorra, serving as the office of Coyote Jackson.

Properties of the Pop Opera

  • Take it Outside (Auctoritas 2): Coyote Jackson took special precautions with the design of the Pop Opera, due to the unique needs of his preferred clientele: A circle of protection underpins its sacred architecture which acts as an Auctoritas of 2 on all miracles performed within, or against, the Pop Opera. This lingers on Camorra agents outside of the Pop Opera, provided they work for Coyote Jackson, but it diminishes to an Auctoritas of 1
  • Private Entrance: Any Vancouver-connected Chancel can, for a nominal fee, connect up to the Pop Opera, so that Nobilis can simply enter and exit from their chancel at will.
  • Coyote Jackson’s Chancel: The Pop Opera is a sort of psuedo-chancel, in which Coyote Jackson can create minor miracles, as though he were in a chancel.
Description Snippets

  • The flash of dance-strobes that trap human silhouettes in the very moment of dancing. Blacklight suffuses everything with the unearthly glow so common to earthly clubs, but viewed from the Border Mythic, the human dancers blur together into a flowing painting of motion, casting uncertainty on their reality. An illusion for outsiders?
  • The dim pulse of throbbing dance music on a lower floor that doesn’t quite reach the shadow-veiled cubicle, which offers just enough peace to allow an intimate conversation between two Powers who want to escape both the messy world of mortals and the abstract world of Gods.
  • Shelves and shelves of high-class alcohol, from Japanese whiskey blends to import vodka to bottles of ruby port, all back-lit to give them an otherworldly glow. Of course, if you ask the smiling, warm-eyed bartender nicely, he might show you some of the stuff in that locked cabinet.
  • Flashing advertisements offering gambling services and featuring scantily clad women that have mysterious glyphs flashing just behind the English text, typically offering subtle and legally questionable services from alien immigrants who have fallen in with the Camorra.

Coyote Jackson, Camorra Boss

Coyote Jackson owns the Pop Opera, a night club that serves only the most exclusive clientele of Vancouver: the Nobilis themselves. He also runs the Camorra in Vancouver and gets a cut of every favor, tithe or offering the Powers make to the Camorra in Vancouver.
He also knows everyone’s dirty secrets, because of who he is. Coyote sold his soul to Lord Entropy, and everything before that time has been expunged from history. He is a man with no past, with his nature shrouded in the obscuring taint of Lord Entropy’s touch. Nonetheless, rumors swirl the man:
  • That he is a literal coyote given human form
  • That he used to be a power, or something miraculous, who lost a bet and was soul-bound to Entropy
  • That he was the sixth of the Jackson Six until Lord Entropy rewrote time, making it the Jackson five and driving his most beloved brother, the angelic Michael, crazy in the process.
  • That he is Balthazar, one of the witnesses to the birth of Christ, who grew disenchanted after seeing the death of a God 30 years later, and used his magic to contact the God of This World, Lord Entropy
  • That he is the secret twin of Haile Selassie, the divine King of Ethiopia and descendant of Solomon and the Djinn: Haile gained the divine heritage of the bloodline, while Coyote gained the damned heritage of the bloodline.
  • He’s actually Lord Entropy in a suit, trying to hide who he actually is just so he can spy on the Powers of Vancouver
Coyote is the most powerful member of the Camorra in Vancouver. Whatever Entropy did to his soul, he has the ability to wield borrowed miraculous power, and one of the most common prices of his service are a single use of your estate. His primary service to powers, though, is information. He knows many of the secrets of the Powers of Vancouver, and he’s usually willing to trade, for another secret.

Traits and Gifts

Domain (Things of the Pop Opera) 0

Miracle Points: 3 DMP

Gifts: Mysterious, Elusive, Keen Sight

  • Borrowed Power: Coyote Jackson can spend 1 DMP to make a single use of one lesser miracle of any estate that has been given to him by another power. You can think of this as a collection of lesser gifts that all cost 1 DMP.

Passions and Skills

Passion: “Nothing is for free” 2
Passion: “Nobody is innocent” 2
Skill: Investigation 3
Skill: Organizing Crime 4
Skill: Connoisseur 2
Cool 1

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I am soul-bound to Lord Entropy 5
Bond: I will find your dirty secrets 2
Bond: I am the Master of the Pop Opera 1
Bond: I rule Vancouver’s Camorra 1

Jack Whitechapel, Camorra Hitman

Jack saw boarding school as his opportunity to escape his dangerously eccentric family. There, he had his first brush with the divine in the form of Abigail Ng. She was not yet the semi-divine, but her destiny dazzled Jack, drew him into her web of fascination. When she suddenly left, he felt like the bottom of his world dropped out, and suddenly, Jack began to better understand the ways of his family. He sought that connection he'd felt, that spark of the divine that Abigail had left in his life, in dark alleys, strange books and in his heritage of madness. In a moment of enlightenment he shed the false world of the Real for the truth of the Evil World, transcending mortal morality and selling his soul to Lord Entropy. Like his precious Abigail, he too had become divine, after a fashion.

When he heard Abigail had gone to Vancouver, he was quick to follow her tracks, though he didn’t let her know of his presence, just kept a few photos of their school-day encounters, plus a new photos of her taken without her knowledge. There, he put himself in the service of Coyote, where he acts as his lieutenant, often negotiating in his boss’s stead, and their chief hitman, thanks to his ability to kill anything.

Traits and Gifts

Aspect (Pulp Hero) 2

Miracle Points: 3 AMP

Gifts: Durant

  • Psycho Killer: This aspect 5 gift allows Jack to use the "Serial Killer" skill as though he had aspect five for the cost of 1 AMP.

Passions and Skills

Passion: “If you’re going to do something, at least be classy about it” 3
Passion: “Madness is just a different way of looking at the world” 1
Superior Quality: Serial Killer Charm 2
Skill: Murder 5
Cool 2
Shine 2

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I am soul-bound to Lord Entropy 5
Bond: If it bleeds, I can kill it 3
Bond: I fear my sister, Emma Elizabeth Whitechapel 1
Bond: I am a psycho serial killer 2

Stubbleworth, Camorra Fixer

Not every immigrant is caught up in the criminal underworld of the Vancouver Spirit World… but a shocking number do. Stubbleworth didn’t intend to start working for the Camorra, but when Coyote sought someone to keep his books, he found the gnome’s mastery of money to be exactly what he needed. At first, Stubbleworth turned a blind eye to his master’s true agenda, but he soon found himself caught up in Lord Entropy’s sinister web. As his sins spun out of control, he found himself exiled and reviled by his community, but at Budd’s insistence and with Coyote’s help, he began to pour his earnings and favors back into his community and regained their trust with his ill-gotten goods.

Stubbleworth has not just a knack for accounting, but also for finding or selling anything. He uses his connections with Budd to fence really strange goods to unusual worlds, meaning that the Vancouver Camorra can accept almost anything as payment and turn a profit on it.

Passions and Skills

Passion: “Bad things happen to good people” 1
Skill: Accounting 4
Skill: Fencing 3

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I am trapped in the Camorra 2
Bond: I can sell anything illegal 2
Bond: I can buy anything illegal 2
Affliction: Gnoooome 2

Sato Arisu, Camorra Hostess

The Windflower Law prevents the Nobilis from loving, but the Camorra allow one to circumvent laws. Thus, Jack came up with the ingenious idea of presenting an option to the Nobilis of safe, legal love for rent. After ensuring that his idea was as legal as he hoped (Meon heartily approved of the idea and assured Jude that it greatly advanced Lord Entropy’s interests), he commissioned a mannequin from Belphegor’s reincarnation engine and ensured that she was perfectly beautiful, innocent and loving. The result was Miss Sato Arisu.

Arisu generally works as a bartender or maid at the Pop Opera when she’s not busy tending to the romantic needs of Powers. Coyote also encourages Jack to mistreat Arisu in full view of Powers. Their righteous indignation usually only furthers their obsession with Arisu which, in turn, fuels Camorra profits.

Passions and Skills

Passion: “Sometimes, you need a woman’s touch” +2
Passion: “I want to be free” -1
Superior Quality: Waifu +1
Superior Quality: Mannequin Strength +2
Superior Quality: Mannequin Beauty +2
Skill: Hostess +1

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: My love is for rent 3
Bond: I am innocent 1
Affliction: I am soul bound to the Camorra 5
Affliction: I seem human 1
Affliction: I’m not actually human 1

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