Friday, November 4, 2016

Rajani Jones, Dark Marchessa of Coffee

Rajani is not a Vancouver native, but is instead darkly, dreamily, exotically American.  Rumors swirl around the mocha-skinned beauty: She came from the American South and sacrificed her soul to the Dark, that she and Abigail Ng were ferocious rivals or the best of friends, that she broke the Windflower Law for the world famous Yukimura Yuji, her prophet and lover, that she sacrificed her hometown to the Camorra in exchange for protection from some dread crime.

Rajani is certainly a very attractive and successful African-American woman with two degrees, one in business and one in philosophy, who is often the most popular girl in the room.  She's as hot as an espresso, as sweet as ice cream, and as strong as the blackest coffee in the darkest of dawn.  She serves the Dark, and often worked closely with Magnus Carter on previous occasions.  With the death of Abigail Ng, Rajani dropped all her plans and took the first flight to Vancouver, where she plans on getting some answers.

Rajani's flowers are the Lotus, the Key of the Descending Angel, and Chamomile, the Key of Something Romantic.  Her anchors are Rebekah Jones, the ghost of her dead grandmother, Yukimura Yuji, her prophet and the greatest barista to ever live, and Starbucks, which is her temple.

Estate of Coffee

-Coffee is strongest when dark and bitter (2)
-Coffee is most beloved when sweet and weak (1)
-Coffee gives you the energy you need to make it through the day (2)
-Coffee brings people together (1)
-Coffee is addictive (1)

Domain Miracles of Coffee

  1. Create a cup of coffee. Conjure a Starbucks logo. Create the smell of coffee. Create amusing or frightening images in the foam of a cup of coffee.
  2. Know the exact blend of a cup of coffee, or what coffee blend someone prefers, or what coffee blend someone really needs.
  3. Make a cup of coffee especially strong, either in flavor or ability to offer someone some pep.
  4. Conjure a cup of coffee from nothing. Animate ribbons of steaming hot coffee foam to lash your foes with. Call a coffee drinker to you. Ensure that there’s a starbucks around the corner (“Can’t you just smell it?”).
  5. Destroy a cup of coffee. Remove flavor from a cup of coffee, or simply weaken it, or strip it of its ability to give you energy. Make a cup of coffee especially sweet (by weakening it) and delightful. See the future in a the foam of coffee. Know who will drink a cup of coffee, or what a cup of coffee will mean in the greater context of fate.
  6. Fate a cup of coffee to be drunk by a particular person. Ensure that the person who drinks a particular cup of coffee (“The fabled perfect blend!”) will have a particular fate. Ensure that a cup of coffee will never be emptied of coffee, or make the coffee so strong that it will grant the drinker super-human strength and stamina provided they can bear the bitterness.
  7. Create a new blend of coffee, or new forms of drink and embed them into history (“What are you talking about? There’s always been espresso.”). Conjure a new chain of coffee stores.
  8. Remove a blend from existence. Destroy an entire chain of coffee stores.
  9. Make a blend or type of coffee native to one region or the other. Change the impact the coffee trade makes on the world. Ensure that someone who drinks a particular cup of coffee gains immortality.

Persona Miracles of Coffee

  1. Give someone a little pep. Make someone a little stronger and more bitter. Make someone sweeter and weaker.
  2. See through the steam of any coffee machine, or through the glass of any coffee pot. When one looks into the coffee, Rajani looks back. Step from one starbucks to another.
  3. Someone a certain class of person to you. Become fantastically strong (but still humanly strong) while being bitter. Become likeable, provided you bend to the wishes of others. Give someone the energy they need to make it through the day. Make your kisses addictive.
  4. Make someone addictive to someone else. Make someone who is beloved or sweet particularly weak. Make someone particularly strong bitter and impalatable.
  5. Strip someone of the energy they need to make it through the day. Drive people away. Declare a particular blend or type of coffee is no longer coffee (“Dunkin Donuts? Their coffee is just hot, dirty water.”). Become present in all cups of coffee.
  6. Ensure that someone will never be able to drink coffee again. Ensure that someone will always find inspiration when they drink a particular blend of coffee. Become superhumanly strong if you are bitter. Become inhumanely saccharine. Make your kiss sufficient to drive someone mad with need so they must drink from your lips again and again.
  7. Make an entire nation bitter and impalatable. Give a vast organization the pep it needs to succeed (“The navy might be able to win a war without coffee, but would prefer not to try).
  8. Deny coffee to an entire nation, or even an entire world.
  9. Make it so that all people who drink coffee will become especially philosophical. Make it so that someone will remain immortal so long as they drink a cup of coffee a day.

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