Thursday, November 17, 2016

M'elena Blackheart, Alien Slave-Assassin 1.1

I wanted to give Vesper Tane an assassin as a dragon, and I wanted her to be an alien. A space elf would be ideal, but existing elf templates are a little too attached to the fantasy milieu to work out of the box, so I chose an Avatar (Female) template from Bio-Tech (though I’m obviously ignoring the “Taboo Trait (Aggression)”, for the purposes of Bloodlust; her master has clearly broken her of any reluctance to kill). That makes her a race highly sought after for slavery, an obvious parallel to the twi’lek race. Thus, she has a slave background at this point, one more submissive than Kendra’s, representing her shortly before Vesper Tane cut her chains.

This gives us a chance to see both a high-cost alien racial template (66 points!) paired with the assassin template to see how things work out at 300 points. The net effect is a highly competent assassin. Her extraordinary DX means she can get by with very few points on her skills. Because of her improved DX, I did shift some points around, so she could score some Combat Reflexes, but everything else has remained the same. The result is a combatant who can go toe-to-toe with nearly anyone, and is swift and flexible enough to get there in short order.  She does the job, though I'll be curious to see how well she does against someone like Kendra.

Unlike the previous characters, I went ahead and worked out the gear on M'elena.  Her greatest constraint isn't money (I spent less than $15,000 on her gear) but weight.  Presumably, she enjoys a closet full of alluring slave-garments and probably has a few robots at her disposal, but I didn't cover them.  I picture her in a full, skin-tight battleweave suit, with a mask and helmet covering her face and hair and making her look inhuman and she stalks her prey in almost complete silence except for the hum of her blades.

This is the second version of this incarnation, focusing more completely on Brawl and improving her focus on Signature Moves.

M'elana Blackheart, Alien Slave-Assassin, 300 points


ST 11 [10]
DX 16 [100]
IQ 11 [20]
HT 13 [10]

Secondary Characteristics

Dmg 1d-1/1d+1; BL 24 lbs; HP 11 [0]; Will 12 [5]; Per 11 [0]; FP 11 [0]; Basic Speed 7.25 [0]; Basic Move 7 [0]


 Avatar (Female) [66]
Combat Reflexes [15]
Craftiness +2 [10]
Cultural Familiarity (Avatar-Race) [1]
High-Heeled Heroine [1]
Higher Purpose (Serve Master) [5]
Language (Avatar-Race/Native) [0]
Language (Galactic/Accented) [4]
Luck [15]
Off-Hand Weapon Training (Shortsword) [1]
Style Familiarity (Art of the Blade) [1]
Weapon Master (Vibroblade) [20] 


 Selfless (12 or less) [-5]
Bloodlust (12 or less) [-10]
Duty (to Master, 9 or less, Hazardous) [-15]
Social Stigma (Valuable Property) [-10]

No Sense of Humor [-10]

Skills: 44
Acrobatics (H) DX-1 [2]-15
Animal Handling (Guard Animal) (A) IQ+1 [4]-12
Beam Weapons (Pistol) DX [1]-14
Brawling (E) Dx+2 [4]-18
Climbing (A) DX-1 [1]-15
Computer Operation (E) IQ [1]-11
Dancing (A) DX [2]-16
Escape (H) DX-2 [1]-14
Fast Draw (Sword) DX+1* [1]-17
Holdout (A) IQ+3* [4]-14
Judo (H) DX [4]-16
Jumping (E) DX [1]-16
Navigation (Hyperspace) (A) IQ-1 [1]-10
Observation (A) Per+1 [4]-12
Pilot (Starship) (A) DX-1 [1]-14
Savoir-Faire (Servant) (E) IQ+1 [2]-12
Sex-Appeal (A) HT+3* [2]-14
Shadowing (A) IQ+3* [4]-14
Shortsword (A) DX+3 [12]-19
-Bind (H) N [4]-19
-Dual Weapon Attack (H) N [5]-19
Stealth (A) DX+4* [4]-18
Vacc Suit (A) DX-1 [1]-15

Budget: $50,000
Encumbrance: 23.15
Combat Infantry Helmet: DR 35/25, skull and face, $2000, 5 lbs
Battleweave bodysuit: DR 20 (limbs and torso),$900, 6 lbs
Battleweave gloves: DR 10, hands, $30, neg
Two vibro-blades (18): 2d+3(5) cut, reach 1, Parry 13, $8000 6 lbs
Tiny wrist-mounted radio w Encryption chip: 100 mile range, $700, 0.05 lbs
Light grapple gun: +1 to climbing, $650, 5 lbs
3 expendable jammers: -10 to electronics operations (Comms), $150, -0.75
Hand-held holographic communicator w Encryption Chip: $800, 0.15 lbs
Data Reader: $20, 0.1 lb

Signature Moves
Test of Mettle: Make a Defensive (-2 damage) Set-up (-4) attack against your opponent's torso (-0). Roll 15 or less. Your opponent defends normally. Deal 2d+3(5) cutting damage if you hit. You defend at +1, and your opponent defends at -2 against you on his next turn.
Proof of Arms: Step into Close Combat (-4) and make a Bind attack against your opponent's weapon (This will work against a force sword, as it locks the crossguard to the force sword hilt). Roll 15 or less to hit. Your opponent defends normally (weapons without reach C may not parry in close combat). While bound, neitherr weapon can attack or parry, and both characters are at -2 DX. Your opponent may attempt to free himself with a contest of ST- or DX-based weapon skill against your Bind skill. You may defend normally (though you may not parry in close-combat).

Display of Force: Having bound (-2) your opponent's weapon, make a Hammer-Fist(-1) attack to his face (-5). Roll Brawl-8 (10). Your opponent defends at -1 (from being bound). If you hit, deal 1d cr, and any shock damage forces a stun check. Setup: You have bound your opponent's weapon while in close combat.

The Art of Defense: After making a parry with one vibro-blade, make a defensive (-2 damage) counterattack(-5) with your second vibroblade at your opponent's arm (-2). Roll shortsword-7 (12). Your opponent defends at -2. If you hit, deal 2d+3 (5) cut damage to the arm. You defend at +1. Setup: You parried your opponent's attack last turn.

The Art of Deception: Make a defensive dual-weapon attack feint (+0) with one vibro-blade, and then attack your opponent's torso with the other. Roll a quick contest of Feint (19) vs your opponent's best melee skill. Make a Shortsword attack (19). Apply the margin of success as a penalty to your opponent's defense. If you successfully hit, deal 2d+3(5) cut damage to your opponent's torso. You defend at +1.

Cross-blade Execution: Make an All-Out (Strong, +2 damage) Dual Weapon against your opponent's neck (-5). Roll Shortsword-5 (14) and then either Shortsword-5 (14). Your opponent defends normally. If you hit, deal 2d+7(5) cut damage for each attack, and double all damage that gets past DR. No Encumbrance Dodge: 11, Parry (Vibroblade) 13, Parry (Judo) 11

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