Thursday, November 24, 2016

Lady Leylana Grey 4.0, Aristocratic Spy

The trick with Leylanda was that she was already pretty good.  The only things I really wanted from her were, perhaps, a greater connection into the Imperial Elite and DD-6 as a full-on ally.  Before, the latter was highly impractical, but now with robot costs down to a reasonable level, DD-6 should clock in at about 300 points.  I haven't checked precisely, but my back-of-the-envelope calculation suggests she's close enough.

But that's only about 25 points.  We have a full power-up we can purchase, so what do we get?  Psionic Powers and Martial Arts are right out: the point of Leylana is that she's not a combat character, and we're exploring psionic powers.  Thus, she's a great opportunity to see if Experienced characters or Heroic characters are good enough.  In this case, I've chosen to go with Ghost from the Spy Power-Ups, because I enjoyed her being super-stealthy in Iteration 2, and also becuase the Heroic Power-Up is a full 50 points, which means she can't buy DD-6 as an ally, and I like the idea of that.  So, this is Leylana, as a super-competent stealthy spy.

Lady Leylana Grey, Aristocratic Spy, 300 points

Drawn into Darkness by Tara Phillips


ST 10 [0]
DX 14 [80]
IQ 14 [80]
HT 11 [10]

Secondary Characteristics

Dmg 1d-2/1d; BL 20 lbs; HP 10 [0]; Will 14 [0]; Per 15 [5]; FP 11 [0]; Basic Speed 6.0 [-5]; Basic Move 6 [0]


Ally (DD-6, 100% points, almost all the time) [15]
Beautiful [12]
Craftiness +4 [20]
Fashion Sense [5]
High Heeled Heroine [1]
Honest Face [1]
Impersonator +2 [10]
Luck [15]
Sartorial Integrity [1]
Title [1]
Wealth (Wealthy) [20] 
Contact Group (Imperial Elite, Skill 15, 9 or less) [10]


Duty (Intelligence Agency, 9 or less, Extremely Hazarouds) [-10]
Jealousy [-10]
Overconfidence (12 or less) [-5]
Secret (Is a spy) [-20]
Sense of Duty (Team) [-5]


Acrobatics (H) DX-1 [2]-13
Acting IQ+8* [4]-21
Beam Weapons (Pistol) DX [1]-14
Body Language Per+1* [1]-16
Carousing (E) HT+1 [2]-12
Climbing (A) DX-1 [2]-13
Computer Operation IQ+1 [2]-15
Current Affairs (High Society) IQ+1 [2]-15
Current Affairs (Politics)+1 IQ [2]-15
Dancing (A) DX [2]-14
Escape (H) DX-1 [2]-13
Holdout IQ+6* [4]-19
Intelligence Analysis (H) IQ+1 [8]-15
Judo DX-1 [2]-13
Karate DX-1 [2]-13
Lip-Reading Per-1 [1]-14
Observation (A) Per+1 [4]-16
Pickpocket (H) DX [4]-14
Pilot (Contragravity) DX [2]-14
Savoir-Faire (High Society) IQ+3* [2]-17
Search (A) Per+1 [4]-16
Sex-Appeal HT+5* [4]-16
Sleight of Hand DX-2 [1]-12
Stealth DX+6* [8]-20
Streetwise IQ+1* [1]-15

Vacc Suit DX-1 [1]-13


Formal Dress and fab shoes: High Fashion, $15,0000, 1 lbs
(Fabulously) Casual Attire: +1 reaction, $1000, 2 lbs.
Holdout Blaster: 2d(5) Acc 5, 0.35 lbs, RoF 3, Bulk -1, rcl 1, $600
Tiny wrist-mounted radio with encryption chip, disguised as jewelry: +1 reaction modifier, 100 mile range, $2500, 0.05 lbs
Hand-held holographic communicator: $300, 0.15 lbs
Data Reader: $20, 0.1 lb


No Encumbrance
Dodge: 10, Parry (Judo) 10.


ST 13 (HP 20)
DX 11
IQ 10
HT 10

Basic Speed 5.25
Dodge 7/8 Parry (Unarmed) 8/11
DR: 50

Desperate Flailing (11): 1d cr, C (Secretary-mode only)
Vibro Claws (15): 2d+1(5) cut, C (Assassin-mode only)
Sharp Teeth (15): 1d cut, C (Assassin-mode only)

Traits: Android. Sense of Duty (Leylana Grey), Alternate Form (Assassin-mode/Secretary-mode, unconscious, triggered by command).

  • Secretary-mode: Beautiful (Off-the-Shelf), Unnatural Features 2 (Mannequin), Computer Brain (Secretarial Programs at 12 to 14), Odious Personal Habit (Preening), Phobia (Squeamish)
    • Skills: Administration-13, Savoir-Faire (Servant)-10
  • Assassin-Mode: Berserk (12), Bloodlust (12), Chameleon 4 (Extended, Infravision), Computer Brain (Physiology at 10), Infrared Vision.Unnatural Feature 3 (Semi-Scultped) 
    • Skills: Stealth-15, Shadowing-12, Tracking-12

Notes: Remember to add +4 to +8 to Stealth when Chameleon is applied, and +3 to Tracking if looking at a trail less than an hour old.  When she transforms to assassin-mode, the more delicate "mannequin" form is disrupted temporarily, giving DD-6 a semi-sculpted appearance, mixing obvious robotic features with her previous, mannequin appearance.  Most sapients no longer find this "Beautiful."

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