Friday, July 28, 2017

The State of the Patreon - August 2017

This has been a very up and down month.  At the start of it, I only had about half of the month worked out and while I had hope to get quite a lot of Patreon stuff done, I was only able to finish about half of it.  As a result, this has been one of my worst months for reviews and my pledges are down just a bit (but not much).

It's worked out well, though.  I've finally gained a full month of lead time on all fronts.  I have my blog scheduled all the way through August, which will finish the aristocracy and the Alliance, though there's a few little touch ups I might do before the end of August.  I'm already starting on September, which will be Philosophy.

What about Patreon?  Well, like I said, I had some good intentions last month, but didn't quite make them in July, so I've made extra effort to make sure I can deliver on my promises, and I've also got all the August Patreon posts scheduled already!  On the 11th, I have two Martial Arts posts, one a general one discussing problems with martial arts and Psi-Wars, and looking more deeply at how the martial arts of the Alliance were designed and how I see them interacting.  The second is for $3+ and looks at two concepts in GURPS Martial Arts: the Secret Technique and the Useless Technique.  I offer quite a few tricks that might improve a specific martial artists approach or give him a unique strategy, as well as a move or two that either outright doesn't work, is a questionable strategy, or is more cultural than martial.  This will coincide with a revisiting of the Graceful, Defensive, Swift and Destructive Force Sword forms on my blog, from the perspective of the Alliance.

On the 18th, coinciding with the release of the first two noble houses, I have my first ever $7+ patreon exclusive: the House of Alexus.  It will be a poll consisting of 7 questions that will allow you to decide how the vanished house that once ruled the "Eternal Empire" worked, what their character was, and what their ultimate fate was.

On the 25th, coinciding with the release of the last noble house, I have another poll for $5+ patrons: the Fifth Noble House.  I personally want to encourage all of my readers to realize that the four noble houses I outline aren't the totality of the aristocracy within the Psi-Wars galaxy, and by offering some inspiration, I hope to encourage you to make your own.  I've also wanted a fifth house since the beginning, and I thought this would be a good chance to have your voice in the setting.

That should cover all of August.  I do plan on doing more with Spaceships, but I want to make a priority of making sure I've got enough material going into September before I do that, so we don't see a repeat of June and July, at least not for awhile.  I also want to thank you again for your patience.  I wouldn't be here with you guys.

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