Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Patreon Post: Spaceships Rewritten

(I can't find more on the image than that)
I've tried to keep Psi-Wars as generic as possible, which means you should be able to use material straight out of the book and it should work.  But, first of all, not everything works that well out of the book (some ships are just too different from our assumptions to be useful, and others have major errata that requires a rewrite); second of all, it'd be nice to offer more publishable ships instead of always directing you to existing works.  Finally, I could more tightly refine my material to fix everything.

I originally started this because I wanted to fix Corvettes, which I worry don't work well enough in the current model.  In the meantime, more issues have popped up, so I wanted to address them with a new round of rule revisions, which will eventually necessitate a rewrite of quite a few spaceships, but I'm okay with that.

So, today, I present the first crack at those alternate rules.  When I'm finished, I'll collate them all into the Iteration 6 version of the space combat rules.  This post is available to all $1+ Patrons, so if you're any patron, check it out!  If you're not a patron, as usual, I'd love to have you!

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