Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Patreon Post: Iteration 6 Spaceships Playtest 1: The Standard Scenario and Dreadnought v Dreadnought

If I'm going to revise my rules, I need to test them.  Do they cause problems?  Do they fix the things I intend them to fix?  What I have going here is an iteration inside an iteration, and it was caused by my attempts to build spaceships for the Alliance, which turned into "Spaceships for everyone," which quickly ran aground of the fact that SS doesn't offer me enough options, which means I need to look at things more carefully, and that means playtest.

Today's playtest sets look briefly at a typical scenario (the old Starhawks vs a Dreadnought fight), and looks again at the playtest we saw Monday, namely Dreadnoughts vs Dreadnoughts.  I'll need to revisit these again, but with most of these findings, the next step will be to take a look at corvettes, which is the heart of why I want to do this, but that won't happen this week.  Instead, this Friday, look for the State of the Patreon.

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