Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Redjack Razer-Class Mining Engine

ST/HP: 80

Hand/SR: +0/3

HT: 12

Move: 3/35 (+5)

LWt.: 4.4

Load: 0.1

SM: +3

Occ.: 1SV

DR: 150

Range: 400

Cost: $1,400,000

Loc.: Cg


Redjack Engineering Vehicle Electronics:

  • Medium Ultra-Scanner: 30-mile scan, 3-mile imaging/bioscan; 12(forward);

  • Navigation: Inertial Compass (+3 to Navigation); fixed homing navigation system (+5 to navigate to a specific signal).

  • Medium Holographic Radio: 1,000 mile range (orbital); “palm sized” holographic console.

  • Rechargeable F-Cell: 5.6 hours of energy.

  • Life Support: 1 Day; with vaccsuit interface.

  • Security & Safety: Simple Locks;

The Razer has room for a single driver.


The Razer has a single, 2-ton mining laser, forward facing and non-stabilized. Against immobile targets, if the Razer can focus all of its firepower for multiple consecutive seconds, treat the damage as corrosive. The mining laser has the exact same mass and volume as heavy Redjack weapon modules, but it is not itself modular. Characters who wish to swap it out for a different weapon may do so, but treat this as rebuilding the vehicle (it will typically take days and require several Mechanic and Armoury (Vehicular Weapons) rolls, though Quick Gadgeteers can do so in a fraction of the time).











MIN-3R Mining Laser

5d×15(10) cut inc


500/3 mi







Look and Feel

While Redjack might wink and nudge when it calls a vehicle an “engineering” or “civilian” vehicle, this is untrue in the case of the Razer. The Razer is just a mining laser attached to a set of caterpillar tracks with a driver compartment on the back. The driver compartment has computerized controls, but little else; it has an ultrascanner and navigational system to orient itself while tunneling, and a comm system to maintain communication with the central base. As a mining laser, it will carve through about 1 yard of stone to create a whole large enough for itself every 5 seconds.

Even so, Razers see use in battle. A Razer is not an exceptionally fast or well-defended vehicle, but it makes for an excellent siege weapon agaisnt stubborn bunkers. If the Razer can get to within a few hundred yards and stabilize itself, it can carve through armored walls in seconds. Pirates sometimes deploy these via Grappler ships, dropping them right next to an especially stubborn defense structure, and then use it to carve an opening for its assault forces.

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