Thursday, September 26, 2019

Redjack Kodiak-Class Light Cruiser

ST/HP: 3000

Hand/SR: +0/6

HT: 14

Move: 10/150 (+11)

LWt.: 27,000

Load: 3750

SM: +11

Occ.: 200ASV

DR: 2000*

Range: 7 jumps (Rating 3)

Cost: $4.5B

Loc.: gG10t4rL

Stall: 0

Total Chase Roll: +11

*Nanocomposite Polymer; double DR vs plasma attacks. Higher DR protects against attacks from the front. Additionally, it has a Force Screen that provides 2000 ablative, hardened DR.


Redjack Capital Ship Electronics:

  • Large Ultrascanner Open Mount: 1000-mile search range, 100-mile scan range.

  • Night Vision Sensors: +9 nightvision, ×8 magnification (up to +3 to aimed attacks, if the vehicle aims for three turns).

  • Targeting Computers: +5 to Gunnery projects provided a sensor lock is gained.

  • ECM: -4 ECM rating, 20-mile radius; scramble comms up to 20 miles;

  • Large FTL Communication Array: 30-parsec range.

  • Large Holographic Radio: 10,000 mile range (orbital); “palm sized” holographic console.

  • Security and Safety: Simple Locks;

  • Hyperdrive: Rating 3, with sufficient fuel for 7 jumps.

  • Ruggedized Fusion Reactor: indefinite endurance

Redjack Cruiser Accommodation and Facilities:

  • Full Life-Support: up to 200 people

  • Accommodations: 25 cabins; 150 bunks. 3 months of stored, refrigerated food.

  • Facilities: Two workshops. one ten person command briefing and one ten-person engineering briefing; one 10-person gym; a sickbay large enough for 5. 1 operating theater;

  • Cargo: a secured arsenal capable of sufficient gear to arm 25 men; Additional cargo can carry 100 tons.

Redjack Cruiser Complement:

  • Shuttles: 5 Grappler-Class (or variant) Assualt Boats.

Redjac Cruiser Armaments

  • 4 Corvette-scale Light Turrets (Total ROF 12; "Light," halve penalties to hit corvettes and fighters)

  • 4 side-mounted Plasma Flak Turrets (F/L/R/T);

  • 8 modular "fighter" turrets ("Light," halve penalties to hit corvettes and fighters)
  • 1 160-ST tractor beam.

The Kodiak has a bridge with sufficient space for 6 control stations: one for the Captain, one of the Commander, two for the pilots/shiphandlers and an additional two to handle electronics, comms and general operations. Each turret has its own control station, and engineering has 4 control stations for monitoring the engines.

The Kodial has four full-rotation “corvette scale” blaster turret with three cannons (total RoF of 12), eight modular “fighter” turrets that can mount all standard Redjack 2-ton cannons, four plasma flak cannons, and a single turret with an ST 160 tractor beam mounted above its hangar bay.












Corvette-scale cannon

6d×30(5) burn









NOV-4 Heavy Plasma Cannon Module

6dx30(2) burn ex


4 mi/12 mi








MIN-3R Mining Laser Module

5d×15(10) cut inc


500/3 mi







SP74-TR Heavy Plasma Gatling

6dx15(2) burn ex









Isomeric Torpedo Bay

6d×500 cr ex


10 mi







Plasma Flak

6dx10 burn









Look and Feel

By no means large compared to Imperial or Alliance ships, the Kodiak is the largest ship in general production from Redjack. Named after an ogre-like beast capable of resurrection from Westerly myth and lore, the Kodiak is the most dangerous vehicle that most corvettes can expect to face. Its powerful impulse drives can keep up with all but the most agile corvettes, and it has sufficient fire-power to blow away nearly any corvette and the flak necessary to drive off fighters. It also has a profoundly powerful hyperdrive, one of the fastest in the galaxy; paired with its astonishing endurance, while small enough to be classed a destroyer, the Kodiak earns the title of “light cruiser” thanks to is extreme long-distance cruise capabilities, as it can go for months on complex shunts and hops across the galaxy to strike behind shipping lanes behind enemy lines and then vanish against just as quickly.

The Kodiak has a distinct and ugly appearance. It appears to be mostly engines at first glance, with a huge rear section blasting out blue radiation. The ship then tapers into a stubby, bottom-heavy cone. It’s “bridge” rests near the top of the vehicle, behind a great, angled pane of armored glass. Two large corvette-scale cannons dominate each side, along a downward angled panel along the lower “midpoint” of the vehicle. Then, just below the “nose” of the cruiser sits a “mouth,” a small, slim hangar bay entrance, with a tractor beam turret that can assist any shuttles that need to launch or land.

The interior of the Kodiak matches the usual Redjack interior fare. It lines its walls with matte, drab, olive brown and olive gray nanopolymer panels. Accommodations mostly consist of simple bunks in unpleasant rooms with the characteristic Redjack life support smell emanating from the vents. Rare for a Redjack craft, the ship has several cabins, more than it actually needs, allowing to carry a VIPs as well as allowing the high ranking crew to have some space to themselves; however, these accommodations pale compared to the luxury suites of an Alliance vessel, offering little more than pre-fab comforts and a stiff bed. The ship also has decent medical facilities and can carry up to a platoon worth of soldiers, though the ship lacks direct assault capability and the soldiers mostly protect the ship from invasion as well as maintain the captain’s discipline. Most of the rest of the ship are access tunnels, work-spaces and long, claustrophobic industrial corridors, full of bare cabling, loose panels and precarious catwalks. The whole of the ship is compartamentalized with multiple redundant systems, so while it looks a mess, it can rapidly close off any sufficiently damaged portion of the ship to protect the rest, contributing to its reliability in combat.

The Kodiak occupies an odd space in military doctrines. It lacks cannons powerful enough to defeat capital-scale ships or to engage in orbital bombardment. It’s also lightly armored compared to most capital ships. Thus, in a stand-up fight against an Imperial dreadnought or even an Alliance cruiser, it has little hope of winning. It does, however, have startling speed and agility for a capital ship, and outguns and out-armors any corvette it’s likely to meet, making it’s real purpose clear: the Kodiak devours corvettes. This makes it an excellent defensive ship, capable of protecting a convoy by itself, or a powerful supplement to a light raiding fleet, able to stand guard against any heavy frigates that might want to fend off the Redjack Raiders or Tiger Sharks. When used by pirate fleets, the Kodiak tends to act as a poor man’s flag-ship: while it lacks the C3I capabilities of larger capital ships, not to mention their firepower, it’s often the best that a pirate can get a hold of, and it has a very tempting price-tag!

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