Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Patreon Poll - July Topics

It's that time of the month again: patrons get to vote on what topic they'd like me to explore in July!

All Patrons (all I ask for is $1) get to vote on a generic topic, which includes the following options:

  • Action Vehicular Combat - The Great Playtest
  • A Deep Dive into Conditional Injury
  • A Review of Fantastic Dungeon Grappling
  • Trademark Moves as Style Basis
  • Martial Arts as Power-Ups
  • Plague Creation Rules
  • Slave Armies
  • Wildcard: General RPG topics
  • Wildcard: General Psi-Wars setting topics
For my Psi-Wars fans ($3+), we're focused on rule collation currently.  They'll get to vote on a set of rules to add to the wiki, and a single template that I'll revise and add to the wiki.

  • Abstract Wealth: 
  •  The Call to Adventure: how to get a Psi-Wars adventure started.
  •  The Road to Adventure: Space and Planetary Travel in Psi-Wars 
  •  Unveiling the Secrets of the Galaxy: Investigation in Psi-Wars 
  •  Action: Combat rules and Vehicular Action rules 
  • Psionic Powers
  • Communion.
And the template vote options include:

Core Templates
  •  The Commando
  •  The Diplomat
  •  The Fighter Ace
  •  The Officer
  •  The Security Agent
  •  The Spy
Rim Templates
  •  The Assassin
  •  The Bounty Hunter
  •  The Con Artist
  •  The Frontier Marshal
  •  The Scavenger
  •  The Smuggler
Additional Templates
  •  The Mystic (Including lenses for Akashic priestesses, Divine Mask cultists, True Communion monks, etc)
  • The Space Knight (including lenses for Maradonian knights, Templar students, Dark Initiates, etc)
This is my big thank you to my patreons, and I hope all of you take the opportunity to make your voice heard.  If you have specific thoughts I am, as always, available on Discord!

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