Friday, August 11, 2017

Patreon Post: Kung Fu Double Trouble

Hello my dear Patrons!  I have not one, but two posts for you!  When I worked on the knightly martial arts, I quickly realized that I had two problems.  First, I found it hard to justify taking more than one style given the problems GURPS Martial Arts has.  This resulted in a deep meditation on why it's a problem and how to fix it (and a discussion of that on Discord spawned yet more thoughts on it from Douglas Cole, who offers a further take that might work for Psi-Wars as well, but it would need further study).  I also wanted to look very closely at each style, and make sure they each had a very distinct character and were useful for you even if you didn't use a proposed fix.  This resulted in the first document, which is Martial Arts Notes 1 - Reflections.  This is available to all $1+ Patrons, so please, check it out!

I also realized I needed kung fu secrets.  What's the point of being a master force swordsman if there's no man on the mountain to go talk to?  No ancient kung fu manuscripts to fight over?  The only problem I have with aristocratic martial arts secrets is that the aristocracy are kind of chumps.  They don't have to be, but many of them should be.  Some of them should be irritating ponces that you want to punch in the face, and I find them knowing ancient secrets to be a little too much.  But what about useless techniques, or techniques the exist primarily for show?  This resulted in Martial Arts Notes 2 - Secrets, which discusses a variety of expansions for the aristocratic styles, some much more useful than others.  As a preview, this is available to all $3+ Patrons, a gift to my Fellow Travelers.  I think it needs a little more work, so I'd appreciate feedback.

As usual, if you're a patron, thank you.  If you're not, I'd love to have you.

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