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House of Kain, Part 2

Not every house is going to use psionic powers, especially if we're looking at houses that joined the Empire later.  Cybernetics seems like a natural evolution in a society that makes regular use of force swords.  It also represents a shout-out to the Metabarons, who always have at least one cybernetic part as part of their initiation rite.  That requires a fairly extensive look at cybernetics, and a new catalog.  I don't envision every member of the House Kain as thoroughly covered in cybernetics, but most should have at least one piece.

Tools of the House of Kain

Kain Background Options:

Given their strict upbringing, members of the House of Kain may add any of the background traits of Survivor with their Aristocratic Background options.

Optional Disadvantages: Bad Temper [-10*], Callous [-5], Impulsiveness [-10*], Lecherousness [-15*], Stubbornness [-5*].

Kain Technology

Kainian Grand Force Blade

The House of Kain enjoys considerable strength, both naturally and due to their cybernetics. Thus, they favor bigger, stronger blades. The Grand Force Blade has a heavy hilt, nearly two feet in length, and have create powerful blades. They require 2 C cells, which powers the blade for 1500 seconds. Most Grand Force Blades tend to be simple, rather than stylish, but are generally Fine. Not every member of house Kain wields one; many wield normal force swords, though few would be caught dead with a force saber.

Kainian Grand Force Sword: Dmg 10d+5 (5) burn; Reach 1-3; Parry 0; Cost $80,000, Weight 4, ST 10*.

*Two handed

Kainian Heavy Armor

The only thing more impressive and conservative than wearing traditional knightly armor is wearing more traditional knightly armor! The House of Kain has a unique design of armor that allows them to field extraordinarily thick armor, durable enough to almost shrug off a force blade blow directly.

Kainian Heavy Armor has all the same design features of traditional knightly armor; the armor itself provides 120 DR, weighs 65 lbs and costs $100,000, and the helmet provides 120 DR, weighs 12 lbs, and costs $6000.

Kainian Bionic Catalog

Kainian cybernetics come from a dedicated foundry that has been constructing bespoke cybernetics since the House of Kain began its initiation rite, and today they create some of the finest, and certainly the most beautiful, combat cybernetics in the galaxy. All Kainian cybernetics are rugged and have a +2 HT, doubled DR, and offer a +1 reaction modifier wherever a reaction modifier to cybernetics would be appropriate, thanks to their beautiful styling and expensive metals.

Note that the House of Kain regularly use other cybernetics, especially from the Heavy catalog. Consider also: Boosted Heart, Reinforced Skeleton, Bionic Spine, Bionic Organ Reconstruction, any bionic hand/arm upgrades and any cybernetic implants.

Bionic Limbs

Kainian Bionic Hand (13 points)

Statistics: Statistics: Arm ST +2 (One arm, Cybernetic -20%) [5]; Arm ST +1 (Cybernetic -20% Unsupported ST -25%) [2], DR 30 (One Hand -80%) [4], One Hand, (Mitigator, Cybernetic -80%) [-3], Injury Tolerance (Unliving, One Hand -80%) [4], Striking Surface [1]

Availability: Major Procedure; $35,000.

Kainian Bionic Arm (37 points)

Statistics: Arm ST +2 (One arm, Cybernetic -20%) [5]; Arm ST +2 (Cybernetic -20% Unsupported ST -25%) [4], DR 30 (One Arm -40%) [18], One Hand, (Mitigator, Cybernetic -80%) [-3], Injury Tolerance (Unliving, One Arm -40%) [12]; Striking Surface [1]

Availability: Major Procedure; $60,000.

Two Basic Kainian Arm (49 points)

Statistics: Arm ST +2 (Two Arms, Cybernetic -20%) [8]; Arm ST +2 (Two arms, Cybernetic -20% Unsupported ST -25%) [6]; DR 30 (Two Arms -20%) [24], No Fine Manipulators (Mitigator, Cybernetic -80%) [-6], Injury Tolerance (Unliving, Two Arms -20%) [16], Striking Surface [1]

Availability: Two Major Procedure; $120,000. If already has one bionic arm, use the availability of one arm.

One Kainian Bionic Leg (26 points)

Statistics: DR 30 (One leg -40%) [18], Injury Tolerance (Unliving, One Leg -40%) [12], Missing Legs (Mitigator, Cybernetic -80%) [-4]

Availability: Major Procedure; $25,000

Two Kainian Bionic Legs (50 points)

Statistics: Lifting ST +2 (Cybernetic -20%) [4], Basic Move +1 (Cybernetic, -20%) [4], Super Jump ( Cybernetic -2%) [8], DR 30 (Legs -20%) [24], Injury Tolerance (Unliving, Legs -20%) [16], Legless (Mitigators, Cybernetic -80%) [-6]

Availability: Two Major Procedures; $50,000

Bionic Head/Face replacements

Kainian Bionic Ears (11 points): Advanced Bionic Ears, UT 209. $10,000

One Kainian Bionic Eye (26 points)

Statistics: Accessory (HUD) [1], Nictitating Membrane 10 (One Eye -50%) [1], Hyperspectral Vision (Cybernetic -20%, Temporary Disadvantage, No Depth Perception -15%) [17], Telescopic Vision 3 (Cybernetic -20%, Temporary Disadvantage, No Depth Perception -15%) [10], One Eye (Mitigator, Cybernetic -80%) [-3]

Availability: Major. $25,000.

Two Kainian Bionic Eyes (30 points)

Statistics: Accessory (HUD) [1], Nictitating Membrane 10 [2], Hyperspectral Vision (Cybernetic -20%) [20], Protected Vision [5], Telescopic Vision 3 (Cybernetic -20%) [12], Blindness (Mitigator, Cybernetic -80%) [-10]

Availability: Major. $50,000.

Kainian Bionic Jaw (17 points)

Statistics: Cannot Speak (Mitigator. Cybernetic -80%) [-3], DR 30 (Jaw -60%) [12], Unliving (Jaw only -60%) [8].

Availability: Major. $30,000.

Kainian Bionic Arm Upgrades

Firebrand Fist 7 points

The hand integrates a heating element that can turn the user’s entire fist into a white-hot brand. This can be used to instantly any flammable item held or touched, or to inflict an additional 3d burn damage after a punch, or with contact to the body.

Statistics: Burning Attack 3d (Melee Attack, Reach C, Cannot

Parry, -35%; Cybernetic -20%) [7].

Availability: Simple Procedure; $7500

Deflector Arm 1 point

The arm integrates a force buckler (UT 192). This takes a conscious ready action to enable.

Statistics: Accessory (Force Buckler) [1]

Availability: Simple Procedure; $7500

Cybernetic Implants

Psyber Shield 13 points:

The House of Kain regularly need to deal with telepaths, so often integrate mind-shield circuitry directly into their skulls (especially if they already have reinforced skeletons). This works just like the Mind Shield advantage, including the warning of an attempt against the user. Note that the Cybernetic Implant limitation below works like other cybernetic implants (it can be shorted out), not like the Mind Shield Cybernetic limitation!

Statistics: Mind Shield 4 (Cybernetic Implant -20%) [13]

Availability: Major Procedure (Simple if character has Reinforced Skeleton); $5,000

Silvertongue 5 points: see UT 210. Minor Procedure. $5000.

Hexite Bomblets 1 point:

Members of the House of Kain often implant bomblets all throughout their body (typically one in each limb and a larger one in their torso), which they wire directly to their nervous system using carefully surge protected wiring. The result is “foolproof” set of bomb implants directly under their control, which can be set to explode on command, or on a timer, and deactivated, all with a thought from the user. They arm their bomblets with Hexite, a substance native to Caliban with astonishing explosive potential. A single bomblet will inflict 5dx5 cr ex, and every bomblet going off simultaneously inflicts 5dx10 cr ex. Most Kainian nobles use their explosives to (spectacularly) avoid falling into enemy hands, or to take their enemy out with them.

Statistics: Accessory (Explosive) [1]

Availability: Major Procedure; $15,000

The Relics of Kain

The Shatterstar, Grand Force Blade of Kusari Kain

Associated Communion: True Communion (Righteous Crusader)

Statistics: Terror (the Guilty only, Presence)

Cost: $500,000

The Shatterstar was the mighty force sword of Kusari Kain, the blade used to kill Shio Daijin. It is one of the finest force swords ever crafted (treat as Very Fine, dealing 10d+10 damage), those who bear it become terrifying to the guilty. Even if the victim cannot see the bearer, he feels a mounting sense of dread as the bearer closes in on them. Those the blade deems unworthy to touch also feel that mounting dread if they attempt to touch it or wield it.

The Token of Jaina Sabine

Associated Communion: True Communion (The Bound Princess)

Statistics: Special Rapport (Lover)

Cost: $25,000

According to tradition, Lothar Kain seduced the beautiful Jaina Sabine, daughter to Sissi Sabine, a story that House Sabine pointedly ignores. Nonetheless, the House of Kain has a locket of the right design, and bearing all the marks of House Sabine of the appropriate age, a gift either stolen or given.

The Token of Jaina Sabine represents one sort of relic that turns up more frequently among the members of the House of Kain. When a daughter of Kain gives a token of affection, or a son of Kain receives one, these tend to form a bond between the two lovers that transcends space and time. As long as one bears the token, the symbol of their love, both have the Special Rapport advantage with one another. Most tokens tend to be small pieces of feminine jewelry, such as rings or bangles, that the man wears on a small chain, preferably hidden beneath his armor.

The Signet of Kain

Associated Communion: Dark Communion (The Rebellious Beast)

Statistics: Longevity; Resistant to Poison +3; Resistant to Disease +3.

Cost: $60,000

Lothar Kain’s signet ring predates his rise to power, but he had been a warlord before he became a baron. The ability of the Archbaron to survive wounds that would kill any lesser man have build legends of the Archbaron’s immortality, and that ability to survive has embedded itself in the ring. Those who bear it tend to live for exceptionally long periods of time, and shrug off disease and poison more easily than most, which, when combined with Kainian ability durability, tends to make them virtually impossible enemies to remove.

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