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Psi-Wars Foundational Races: The Keleni

Homeworld: Anmārwi (however, no Keleni live there today)
Other Worlds: Samsara, Temjara, Covenant, Sable, Moros, Wyrmwood

The much persecuted Keleni come from a largely inconsequential part of the galaxy, the Hydrus Constellation of the Umbral Rim, were it not for their worlds being on a direct path between the galactic core and the Umbral Rim, making them a highway for conquest. As a result, they have been scattered and scattered again and cling to what identity they have.

The Keleni homeworld, Anmārwi, is a particularly wet world, known for its swamps, jungles, rushing rivers and shallow seas. The Keleni people are, unsurprisingly, an aquatic people. They move as easily through the water as they do through land and can hold their breath for 25 times as long as other races. They appear remarkably human, with blue or blue-green skin, pointed ears, flat noses or mere slits where their noses should be, and long, silken white or silvery hair. Older male Keleni often sport facial hair. Keleni have bioluminescent patches of skin, often in unique patterns on their body or on their palms or the base of their feet. While this can prove useful in the dark, it also helps to signal one another in the water; Artists often try to capture the beauty of the Keleni as they swim, with their hair flowing behind them like ribbons and their soft glow creating a colorful aura in the water. While nothing forces them to remain in the water, they are more vulnerable to dehydration than other races, which tends to keep all but the most ascetic tied to their watery homes.

The Keleni are naturally telepathic and deeply attuned to the life energies of others, making them naturally adept at psychic healing. While they do not exclusively communicate telepathically, many Keleni develop deep bonds that allow them to know what the other is thinking and any Keleni, with some effort, can read the minds of others. They even develop bonds across time and Keleni have a natural, if generally uncontrolled, connection to their ancestors. The consequences of the race’s innate connection to one another and all living things has given rise to an innate reluctance towards violence except in the defense of themselves or their loved ones, and gave rise to the first steps towards Communion. Communion, or Annāra in native kelen, is their faith. As they explored their connections with one another, they gained a connection with the universe itself, and their power with it is one of the few things that have kept their race together and alive after conquest after conquest.

Keleni misfortune has resulted in their scattering. One can find Keleni in enclaves in most well-populated worlds of the galaxy. The most common background for Keleni, then, is Outcast, as other races tend to regard a naturally telepathic race who refuses to bend to the local religions or customs with suspicion. The notion of Keleni, especially those who have the temerity to become financially successful, secretly ruling the world is a popular myth among the downtrodden of other races. Their natural beauty and elegance makes them popular Slaves, especially down in the Dark Arm. Finally, in such circumstances where they do manage to retain self-direction and live among their own kind, their religious tendencies makes Sequestered a popular background. Keleni tend to prefer peaceful solutions that allow them to deal with others, and often become Diplomats or Mystics. Criminal Keleni prefer to be Con Artists. Keleni who get over their aversion to killing or dedicate themselves to the protection of their people or others generally either become Assassins or Space Knights.

Keleni: 50 points

Attributes: ST -1 [-10]
Advantages: Amphibious [10]; Ancestral Recall [14]; Appearance (Attractive) [4]; Bioluminesence [1]; Doesn’t Breath (Oxygen Storage x25) [10]; Nictitating Membrane 1 [1]; Psychic Healing Talent +1 [5]; Telepathy Talent +1 [5]; Telereceive (Shallow) 3 [24]

Features: Taboo Traits (Callous, Low Empathy, Oblivious) [0]. May reach Telepathy Talent +5 [0]; May reach Psychic Healing Talent +5 [0].

Disadvantages: Pacifism (Reluctant Killer) [-5], Vulnerability (Occasional, Dehydration, 2x; Fatigue only -50%) [-10]

Skills: Telerecieve (H) IQ-1* [1]-9

Keleni Traits

Ancestral Recall; 14*/36
All Keleni have a natural psychic power called “Ancestral Recall.” If the GM decides they encounter something an ancestor would know, he may roll their Ancestral Recall skill (IQ/H, defaults to IQ-6 or Meditation-6). On a success, they get a sense of deja vu, but must interpret it themselves. On a critical success, they gain a vision. At level 2, in addition to the rules above, the Keleni may concentrate for one second and roll Ancestral Recall to know what the ancestor knew about a particular topic. On a success, they gain this knowledge (unless the Ancestor had no knowledge about that topic, in which case they know that).

Statistics: Racial Memory (Passive; Telepathy -10%) [14]; Level 2 increases this to Racial Memory (Active, Telepathy -10%) [36].

*This trait is free, as it’s part of the racial template. Improving it to level 2 only costs an additional 22 points.

All Keleni have the capacity to “glow.” This can be focused on a single point, acting as a weak flashlight (generally exerted from the palm), or they can suffuse their body with a glow, which allows them to act as a torch. This is also useful for signaling their presence to others in the dark. This is a switchable feature: it may be turned on or off.

Keleni Names

The Keleni speak Kelen, a language unique to them and one that captures the unique essence of True Communion (Annara, in their language).  Formal Keleni names begin with their clan name (prefixed with "An-" when used to address them) and their given name.  Informally, most people will use a shortened "nickname" version of their formal given name, and often append a descriptor to it.  Thus An-Kelleun Surelin might become Sura the Swift.

Clan Names: Astanya, Carasta, Kihita, Kelleun, Lunyere, Maron, Teonethe, Xamorte, Xerremar.
Personal Names (Male): Arrenon (Ara), Irelen (Ira), Istilen (Isa), Jimaren or Jimennon (Jima), Kacanen (Cana), Mettan (Meta), Nualen (Nua), Raelen (Raja), Simmara (Sima), Sirennon (Sira), Siwaren or Siwennon (Siwa), Sortennon (Sora), Takaren (Taka), Torien (Tora), Tennaren (Tena), Xakkar (Xaka), Uranetan (Ura)

Personal Names (Female): Antelin (Ana), Arnaelin (Ara), Enyerel (Enya), Hantelin (Hana), Hekinyen (Heka), Jeriuna (Juna), Laelin (Laela), Marelin (Mara), Mirrein (Mira), Onnewera (Ona), Rethelin (Retha), Sarrelin (Sara), Surelin (Sura), Tennenlin (Tena), Tinre (Tina), Xerre (Xera)

Sample Descriptives: The Beautiful, The Blue (Sorrowful), The Broken, The Clever (Wise), The Craftsman, The Dark, The Fool (Unwise), The Green (Sea-colored), The Liar (Trickster), The Outcast (Disowned, Clanless), The Prophet, The Sacred, The Slayer of Six, The Strong (Handsome), The Swift

Mailanka's Musings on the Keleni

These are, of course, the "Communion Frogs," our founders of True Communion.  I wanted to explore the origins of True Communion; I prefer the messier narratives of actual religions to the clean, bland history of the Force of Star Wars, and the inclusions of an alien race that is bound to True Communion, is outcast by the rest of the Galaxy, and doesn't really agree with the Templars despite seemingly having the same faith, emphasized that.  I wanted to make them aquatic and ethereal, giving them a sort of "mermaid" or "sea-elf" grace.  Their telepathy and Ancestral Recall explain how their race is so integrated with one another (and makes True Communion a natural extension of that), and their talent with Psychic Healing pushes them in an interesting direction, and locks them out of Dark and Broken Communion.

Their name arises from Kelen, a conlang by Sylvia Sotomayer.  I have her permission to use it. The language has no verbs, only states of being, which felt perfect for this deeply philosophical race.  It should be noted that I've taken a few liberties, in particular her language revolves around a race whose only similarity to mine is the shared language.

All art here is by Christian Villacis, and owned by me.

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