Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Imperial Vehicles: Vanquisher-Class Hover-Tank

ST/HP: 135

Hand/SR: +2/4

HT: 12x

Move: 4/70 (+9)

LWt.: 14

Load: 0.3

SM: +4

Occ.: 3S

DR: 1400/500*

Range: 100,000

Cost: $20M

Loc.: Tt

*The Vanquisher tank has a DR 1300 frontal armor and turret; the rest of the armor is DR 500, except for the underside and the sub-turret and sensor turret, which are DR 100. All armor is composite and EMA (triple DR vs plasma weapons and shaped charge attacks)


Standard Imperial Ground Vehicle Electronics:

  • Medium Ultra-Scanner: 30-mile scan, 3-mile imaging/bioscan; 360°;

  • Targeting Computer: +5 to hit target with a scan-lock.

  • Night Vision Sensors: +9 nightvision, ×8 magnification (up to +3 to aimed attacks, if the vehicle aims for three turns).

  • Tactical ESM: +1 to dodge missiles.

  • Inertial Compass: +3 to Navigation

  • Medium Holographic Radio: 1,000 mile range (orbital); “palm sized” holographic console.

  • Hyperium Fusion Reactor: With sufficient fuel for 1 month of operations.

  • Life Support: Sealed, with NBC filters and environmental control, and one hour of air.

  • Security: Simple Electronic Locks.
The Vanquisher has room for three people, two in its main body (the pilot and the commander), and one in its turret (the gunner). The controls of the Vanquisher are computerized, so any position can take over the role of another crewman, but generally the driver handles navigation and piloting and either the gunner controls the guns and the sensors and both handle communications, or the optional commander position handles the independent turret with the blaster autocannon, the communication and strategic software to maintain a battlefield overview.

To prevent Vanquisher’s from falling into enemy hands, the hyperium reactor comes rigged with an explosive charge meant to send the hyperium fuel into a critical state and destroy the vehicle. This can be triggered by the tank commander, remotely via properly transmitted codes, or accidentally if an attack strikes exactly the right spot. While against Imperial doctrine, some tank commanders order the charge removed (which removes the explosive tag from the HT of the vehicle).

The main cannon is a two-ton blaster cannon in the main turret. The main turret takes two ready actions per facing. Atop the main battle turret are the anti-personnel sub-turret and the sensor-turret. The former mounts a semi-portable blaster auto-cannon, which is more than powerful enough take out even well-armored soldiers. All turrets can be controlled via the computer controls from within the tank; nobody actually needs to expose themselves to fire. The turret also contains sufficient space to hold five F-cells, providing ready reloads for the main cannon, and the body contains a hatch space with sufficient cargo room for another two F-cells (about 500 lbs of cargo).












Main Blaster Cannon

3d×25(5) burn


2mi/5 mi








Blaster Auto-Cannon

6d×2 (5) burn










Look and Feel

The Vanquisher Hover-Tank has a sleek, racer-car look to it, with a streamlined exterior and smooth, white, grey or chromed armor that gleams in sunlight. It’s small for a tank, about half the size of a modern main battle tank, as it lacks bulky tank trads. The heavy repulsors hum and vibrate the air beneath the tank, and when they exert their megawatt power to race the tank forward, the air beneath and behind the tank glow blue with power. The tank roars as its streaks past at speeds that put some hover-cars to shame.

Each control space is independent and can be reached by activating the lock and a simple touch panel, which activates the “seamless hatch” that lifts on elegant hydraulics. The control spaces resemble individual cockpits, surrounded by computer displaces and have simple touch-based interfaces and a joystick for motor control. These spaces are roomy enough to sit comfortably while wearing armor of a vacuum suit. The environmental controls and filters ensure that the air is cool and has an antiseptic smell to it. Once hatches have been closed, the outside world is only visible through sensors and computer display panels.

In battle, the Empire uses the Vanquisher aggressively. It typically combines with equally quick infantry fighting vehicles and air-support to rush the enemy; in such combined-arm assaults, the Vanquisher takes the lead, absorbing heavy fire and laying down punishing anti-vehicular artillery. The anti-personnel turret rarely sees use until the vehicle has slowed to a stop in urban combat, or if a counter-attack has successfully pushed a Vanquisher onto the defensive. Many Vanquishers come installed with tactical software, allowing a tank commander to get an overview of all of his units and their position. Ultimately, all ground battles are lead from an admiral in orbit, but their direct link to combat tends to be via a high-ranking vanquisher tank commander.

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