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Imperial Starships: the Dominion-class Cruiser

ST/HP: 5,0000

Hand/SR: -2/6

HT: 12

Move: 5/100 (+10)

LWt.: 150,000

Load: 13,000

SM: +12

Occ.: 1200 ASV

DR: 3000*

Range: NA (5 jumps)

Cost: $120B

Loc.: gGs20t

*the Dominion-Class cruiser has a force screen with 5,000 DR (ablative).


Imperial Cruiser Electronics:
  • Capital-Scale Tactical Ultra-Scanner: 4000-mile scan, 400-mile imaging/bioscan; 360°;

  • Targeting Macroframe: +5 to hit target with a scan-lock.

  • Night Vision Sensors: +9 nightvision, ×8 magnification (up to +3 to aimed attacks, if the vehicle aims for three turns).

  • Large Area Jammer: -4 to target with missiles for all allied ships within 20 miles.

  • Distortion Scrambler: May contest Electronics Ops (Comms) rolls with Electronics Ops (EW); 25 mile range.

  • Large Holographic Radio: 10,000 mile range; “conference” sized holographic projector. All communications encrypted.

  • Very Large FTL Communication Array: 300-parsec range.

  • Hyperdrive: Rating 2; 5 jumps.

  • Fusion Reactor: 50-year lifespan.

  • Security: Simple Electronic Locks and security cameras at regular intervals.

Imperial Cruiser Personnel and Facilities
  • Command Crew: Captain (rank 5); General (rank 7+); Executive Officer; up to 2 tactical officers (ECM/Sensors), up to 2 comm officers; up to 2 navigators; up to 7 engineering officers; up to 2 pilots.

  • Facilities: War Room (+1 Strategy) or Legal Counsel Office (+1 Law); Listening Post (+1 Electronics Operations); Navigation Room (+1 Navigation); 100-bed hospital; 1 operation theater; Briefing Rooms; Gym/Training facilities (50-man capacity each).

  • Food and Accommodations: Total life support for up to 1200 (actual crew complement is closer to 1,000) and carries sufficient provisions for the entire crew for a year. It has 50 spare accommodations; on Imperial Security versions of the vessel, it converts these into up to 200 prison cells.

  • Lifepods: 200 (main body; sufficient room for 800 people); 20 (command bridge; sufficient room for 80).

Imperial Flagship Complement:
  • Starfighters: 5 squadrons of 25 (each) Imperial Fighters in any configuration; generally 3 squadrons of Javelin-Class Interceptors (75), 1-2 squadrons of Peltast-class Strike Fighters (25-50), and 0-1 squadrons of Tempest-class Light Fighters (0-25). It takes two minutes to launch a full squadron.

  • Starfighter Refuel/Rearmament Capacity: The craft has sufficient fuel to fully arm and fuel starfighters for up to 5 sorties.

  • Soldiers: up to 250 imperial troopers (one “company,” led by a Captain (Rank 4)); more often 100 to 150.

  • Materiel: Room for up to 25 Sentinel-Class dropships or assorted Hunter-class hovercycles; generally left to cargo (about 500 tons of cargo)

  • Cargo: Up to 250 additional tons.

Imperial Cruiser Armaments
  • 4 top-mounted Super-heavy Turrets (F/R/L/T; Total ROF 12);

  • 2 bottom-mounted Super-heavy Turrets (F/R/L/U; Total RoF 6);

  • 4 top-mounted Capital Turrets (F/L/R/T; Total RoF 8);

  • 6 top-mounted Corvette-scale Turrets (F/R/L/T; Total ROF 18);

  • 2 bottom-mounted Corvette-scale Turrets (F/R/L/U; Total RoF 6);

  • 6 top-mounted Plasma Flak Turrets (F/L/R/T);

  • 2 bottom-mounted Plasma Flak Turrets (F/L/R/U);

  • 1 ST 1000 Tractor Beams; Range 2000, Move 10.
Capital-scale cannon
6d×75(5) burn
Corvette-scale cannon
6d×30(5) burn
Plasma Flak
6dx10 burn

Look and Feel

The Dominion-class imperial “cruiser” is just barely smaller than most battleships, and resembles the Imperator-class battle-carrier from which it was patterned. Like the Imperator, it has a wedge shape, but it’s proportionately thinner and taller than the Imperator, which a much more proportionately prominent bridge less prominent cannons and a smoother, more streamlined and more agile appearance, sometimes likened to a dagger’s blade. The hull tends to have a flashy, rather than matte, appearance, with bright white or chrome highlights meant to catch the eye.

The Dominion-class cruiser has a single launch bay located beneath the superstructure; this leads directly to the hangar, where rest a few hundred fighters and military vehicles, and from there, to the military barracks, prison cells (if they have any) and accommodations, which tend to be sparse and spartan, with more focus on military or security than on keeping occupants happy. As one travels closer to the bridge, however, the rooms grow nicer, roomier and one can even find a relatively small hall large enough for 50 diners or ~30 dancers, used for diplomatic meetings. Below this, one reaches the vast stretches of industrial and engineering infrastructure that underlies most ships, and a few small pockets of cabins for gunners and engineers, or workstations for technicians.

The Imperator-class may be among the most prestigious of vessels in the Imperial fleet, but the Dominion-class cruiser is its workhorse. These are used by both Imperial Security (as the largest vessel the Navy will allow Security to use) and the Imperial Navy. Security uses their armaments sensors to spot incoming traffic and scan it, often deploying an entire team of up to 10 sensor experts to investigate the results of scans and report back on any found contraband. If a corvette is found to be hauling contraband, the Dominion-class cruiser will either dispatch fighters to retrieve or destroy the craft, or will capture the craft in its tractor beam and haul it in for questioning. The Dominion-class cruiser can also double as a VIP transport craft or a prisoner transport in a pinch.

For the Imperial Navy, the Dominion-class cruiser can act as a patrol vessel for relatively safe regions of space or as an escort vessel. It’s capable of fending off most pirate attacks, making it an excellent choice for boring missions like caravan escort for which an Imperator would be over-kill, or to “show the flag” in worlds that don’t matter enough to the Empire to send an Imperator. Alternatively, they can be used to bulk out fleets or escort vulnerable military vessels. This includes the Executioner-class artillery cruiser or the Legion-class super-carrier, both of which can be vulnerable to the sort of quick-strike corvette attacks that the Dominion excels at defeating. They might also join an Imperator-led fleet, primarily serving the rest of the fleet as a screen against corvettes and fighters.

Typical Names

The names of Dominion-Class cruisers tend to be unyielding, multi-word phrases that speak of imperial defense and justice.

Example Names: the Aegis, the Final Authority, Leto’s Judgment, the Peace of Empire, the Rule of Iron, the Strongfast, the Valorian Creed, the Valorian Shield

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