Friday, August 25, 2017

Patreon Post: The Fifth House (and an offer)

Who are they?  It's such a mystery!
I had originally conceived of several additional houses, but I stopped myself short, in part because I didn't want overwhelm everyone, in part because I have other things I need to write, and in part because I wanted to give you, dear reader, a voice.

I don't want anyone who read the last couple of weeks to think that this is every house in the Alliance, or that has existed throughout the Empire.  Houses and lineages clutter the galaxy, some lost, some hidden, some still quite powerful. I originally conceived of each house as a piece of inspiration for you, dear reader.  Sabine and Grimshaw are powerful houses at political odds (with Grimshaw as a worked example of what a cadet branch might look like); Elegans gives an example of a house that was powerful, but is no more, and Kain gives an example of a late-coming house, a distinct tradition that got folded into the broader Maradon culture.  That should be enough for you to get started, but there are more possibilities.

As such, I have a poll for all $5+ Patrons (My Companions)!  It offers a multitude of options for a new house, a "hidden" house that either isn't part of the Alliance or isn't particularly well known.  I have no doubt that the vote will be contentious because, like with the Traders months ago, there are so many ways we could go and all of them are right.  So if you vote, and your vote ends up not getting picked, don't despair!  And if you can't vote, but you have a totally great idea, then don't despair!  If you write up your own house, blog it, and then send me the link, I will link it on this blog.  I will even help you, if you like, to put your house together.  The point of this blog, more than anything else, is to help you get your creative juices flowing, so if I can help, I will.

If you're a patron, check it out! If you're not, as always, I'd love to have you.

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