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House Elegans, Part 2

Tools of House Elegans

Elegans Background Options:

Given the difficult situation of Elegans, you may instead take the Outcast or Wanderer background and simply take your title as an optional trait.

If you choose to take the Aristocratic background, you may add the following:

Traits: Ally (Petbot, 150 points, 15 or less) [6].

Optional Disadvantages: Elegans may remove Wealth (Comfortable) if they wish and replace it with Wealth (Struggling) [-10]

Eleganian Psi-Techniques

Killing Intent (Hard)

Default: Emotion Sense-4; Cannot exceed Emotion Sense.

Elegans can learn to read one specific emotion reflexively, that is the desire to attack or kill. If a living, thinking opponent is within range of their Emotion Sense, they may reflexively roll Killing Intent to detect any attempt to attack. Treat this exactly as danger sense, except that it only applies to intentional attacks from living beings. It will not detect danger from robots, unliving traps, natural phenomenon (such as avalanches or lightning strikes) or unintentional attacks (someone accidentally bumping you off a cliff).

This technique does not cost 2 fatigue! However, it requires at least one point invested into it to work!

Eleganian Technology


Members of House Elegans often gift their grand children with “Dolls,” robotic companions meant to play with the child, and also watches over them and protects them from trouble. Most adults still keep their dolls around, albeit either as deactivated mementos, or carefully maintained pets that they can pass on to their own grand-children. A few keep their dolls around when they grow up, which many consider gauche (a quirk at least, and optionally a Odious Personal Habit (Childish attachments) [-5]).

Treat these as TL 11 Pet-Bots

Eleganian Relics

The Executioner Psi-Band

Associated Communion: Broken Communion (Death)

Statistics: +2 Universal Psi Talent, Energy Reserves (Psi) 10, Higher Purpose (Revenge), Legendary Reputation (Death) +1, Seekersense (The Ten Psi-Bands), Weirdness Magnet

Cost: $250,000

The Executioner Psi-Band was the second of ten Psi-Amplifier Headbands (Psi-Tech, page 12) constructed during the rise of the Knights of Communion, using knowledge gained from the dark arm of the Galaxy. Most have been lost, especially the first, the “Divine” psi-band, but the house still controls the Executioner Psi-Band.

When House Elegans crafted the ten Psi-Bands, they conceived of the second as a “check” on the other Psi-Bands, especially the first, the “Divine” headband, in case they fell into the wrong hands, or their wearers were corrupted by their power. Over time, the wearers of the Executioner Psi-Band engaged in so much bloodshed that the band’s crystal burns with a dreadful red and it has become steeped with the power of dark communion. It still serves its original purpose, helping the wearer find the original bands and empowering him, but now it pushes the wearer towards murder, and death follows wherever he walks.

Other psi-bands tend to provide some level of Energy Reserves and +2 talent (some are more focused on single powers or single abilities) and because they attract psionic energies, the accumulate connections with Communion more quickly than most artifacts, and thus most have become relics and have strong legends surrounding them. All psi-bands appear to be durable strips of flexible material with an inset psionically active crystal. Once wrapped around some body part (Traditionally the head, but they can work as a bracelet, anklet or arm band as well), the wearer can will them to “lock” into place, whereupon they stiffen.

Wanderer, the Force Sword of Esau Elegans

Associated Communion: Dark Communion (The Beautiful Fool)

Statistics: Destiny (New!) 3, TK-Tether, Legendary Reputation (The Beautiful Fool) +1, Weirdness Magnet

Cost: $100,000

House Elegans no longer has Wanderer, but nor does it bother to seek it out anymore. It’ll find them when it wants to. Wanderer appears to be an ugly, orange-bladed force sword cobbled together of spare parts and given a simple, rusted veneer, and works like a basic force sword. When it comes into someone’s possession, if it “chooses” them, they gain a new Destiny (which temporarily overrides their old Destiny). This destiny is usually very troublesome, and draws the character into an unexpected adventure, wherein he typically meets interesting people, uncovers secrets and finds himself tangled with criminal underworlds. While Wanderer wishes to remain in the possession of the wielder, the wielder can draw the blade to him with a simple ready action, as per TK-Tether.

However Wanderer chooses who wields it. Once it has finished with the previous wielder, events will conspire to remove Wanderer from the current wielders possession, and it will make its way to the next wielder. At that time, any Destiny the character previously had reasserts itself. As such, Wanderer cannot be taken as Signature Gear. Instead, the GM should treat it as a plot device, something that a hero finds in a time of need and then finds himself tangled up (“cursed”) by the blade.

Invictus, the Force Sword of Tyro Elegans

Associated Communion: True Communion (The Righteous Crusader)

Statistics: Higher Purpose (Win Duels)

Cost: $50,000

Tyro Elegans forged not just a new fighting style, but a new force sword. His force saber proved lighter, snappier and more effective at dueling than did the heavier, slower and more powerful force swords of old. His force saber, Invictus, was the first force saber, and has accrued sufficient legend that it has become a relic, one dedicated to victory in duels. Treat it as a Foundry Force Saber (balanced, 7d damage) with a blue blade.

The Elegans Signet

Associated Communion: Dark Communion (The Beautiful Fool)

Statistics: Borrow Skill (Elegans Only) 2

Cost: $50,000

The Elegans Signet is worn by the Marquis of the Tangled Expanse, and Anna Elegans currently holds it. Those who bear the Elegans Signet can borrow skills from other nearby Elegans. The character can claim 2 points worth of language or skill known by any Elegans within a mile. This does not transmit information, only skill.

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