Monday, May 22, 2017

Tech Week part 1: Weapons Revisited (a Patreon Post)

It's Tech Week!  Based on feedback or elements that have come up as I've worked on setting design, I've come up with some additional details on technology that I've been using to refine my material from the third iteration.  Eventually, I'd like to separate the tech material off into its own little book, but there's still quite some work before I can do that.

Why is this on Patreon and not on my blog?  Well, first, I don't want to interfere with the flow of my setting material and, second, this gets a little rambling and acts as something of a design journal.

Today, I revisit weaponry.  Specifically, I look at some house rules suggested by other blogs, take a look at fears regarding accuracy, recoil and rof combining to make supremely lethal weapons, and and then I explore EM disruptors (Utinni!), Stunners (why I haven't really talked abou them), Stingray Rounds, and Psi-Swords

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