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The Seven Fabled Toys (and the Thirteen Hell-Toys)

The Estate of Toys is vast. Damien rules over far more than just toys. He rules over the balls that bounce in playgrounds, over the dolls that rest in a child’s crib, the teddy bears that watch over their children as they slumber. The Estate is so vast that no single Power can rule it directly, and the Estate of Toys has seven additional guardians, the so-called Seven Fabled Toys, who act as its lesser gods. When the Estate of Toys is harmonious, the Seven Fabled Toys are the servants and lieutenants of the Power of Toys, and the True Power of Toys approaches an Imperator in total power, his sanctum almost a chancel, and his Estate encompassing at least seven other estates! But Damien has lost control of the Estate of Toys, and the Seven Fabled Toys have fled him.

The Seven Fabled Toys are Spirits of the Ogdoad. They are not powers, but they are like them, only lesser. Each rules over a lesser Estate associated with one form of toy, and has power similar to a Noble, but lesser (typically between 10 to 20 character points, rather than 20 to 30).

Toys do not die, but they do break down, fade or become lost. Thus, in time, even Fabled Toys must leave their estate behind and when they do, a new Fabled Toy rises to take its place. This churn means sometimes the nature of the Estate of Toys change. There hasn’t been a Fabled Toy of Tin Soldiers for a long time, for example. Not all Fabled Toys are listed below, and Snickersnack is not listed here (it’s one of Jack Livingston’s anchors), but is the Fabled Toy of Toy Swords.

Estate of Dolls

  • Dolls are playthings – at the mercy of the whims of others (2)
  • Dolls are models of real-world beings (1)
  • Dolls have only the life you lend them (3)
  • Dolls seek to have clothes and accessories (1)

The Dollmaker – Fabled Toy of Dolls

The Dollmaker was crafted by the greatest of dollmakers, a Japanese man in Kyoto during the Edo era, and the effort required to create her cost him his soul and his name. Only she remembers who he was, a treasure she holds in her heart. The Dollmaker lives to protect, heal and create dolls. She has long had a standoffish relationship with the kings of Toyland, for too often they favor the toys of boys over the beloved dolls of girls, giving her a unique place in Toyland as a patron saint for the second-class citizens of toyland. Since the rise of Damien, she was among the first to oppose his tyranny, and her power was too great for him to easily crush, but he has certainly tried, and she has become the prime target of his aggression. This has driven her into hiding, while her dolls end up in his dungeon, tortured and mutilated, calling out for their absent saintess to come and rescue them.

Aspect 1 (Touched Up)
Domain 0 (Pawn)
Persona 1

  • Natural Weapons (1): The Doll-Maker can manifest a dozen needle-tipped threads that float behind her, like a dozen scorpion tails or spear-tendrils, which she can use to attack. As effective as a magical sword.
  • Glorious (2): The Doll-Maker is the manifestation of every girl’s desire to have a doll. She is the most desirable of all dolls, and the weight of her presence is enough to make a little girl’s knees buckle in the desire to worship.
  • Immutable (1): The Doll-Maker does not need to eat, or to sleep, and ages very slowly. She will, someday, fade away and be replaced, but that will not be for a few centuries yet.
  • Doll-Crafter (1): With a few moments and a Normal Miracle, the Doll-Maker can turn someone into a doll, create a new doll from nothing, or repair any damage that has been inflicted upon a doll. For this last, many dolls ruined by Damien’s torture seek out this pure saint of dolls.

Miracle Points: 8

Passions and Skills

Passion: “I want to take care of others” +3
Skill: Doll Trivia +4
Skill: Childish Games +1
Superior Quality: Elegance +3
Cool: 4
Shine: 2

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I protect all of doll-kind (4)
Affliction: I haunt the thoughts of little girls (2)
Affliction: Dolls come to life around me (2)

Estate of Teddy Bears

  • Teddy Bears are loveable versions of real bears
  • Teddy Bears have a deep, primal connection with one and only one child
  • Teddy Bears always know where their child is
  • Teddy Bears protect their child from monsters

The Dire Teddy Bear – Fabled Toy of Teddy Bears

Also known as the Primeval Teddy Bear, or the First Teddy Bear, the Dire Teddy is the first Teddy Bear ever created, and belonged to Theodore Roosevelt, who gave the Dire Teddy his name, his purpose, and his power. Since the death of his boy, he has left to go to Toy Mountain, where he lives in seclusion, growing larger and larger, more and more wild. Toys speak of him in hushed tones, for they say he towers over the other toys, nearly as large as the mountain itself, and will devour any toys that displease him, but the resistance moves to add him to their number, for the incomparable might of the first Teddy Bear would strike a mighty blow against the dread reign of Damien Bogsworth.

Even so, his feral heart beats within the heart of each Teddy Bear, and when riled, sometimes, the Primal Teddy Bear manifests within them, and their button eyes grow wide, their threaded lips part to show sharp teeth, great plastic claws erupt from their plush paws, and they grow enormous, able to rend a boogie man to tiny pieces. Rare are the teddy bears who can regularly manifest these possessions, and called (in hushed tones), shamans of the Dire Teddy.

Aspect 1 (Touched Up)
Domain 0 (Pawn)
Persona 0
  • Titanic Might (3): The Dire Teddy has the equivalent of Aspect 6 for the purpose of Strength and ability to deal wide-scale damage.
  • Immutable (1): The Dire Teddy will live for centuries longer than his boy.
  • Durant (1): The Dire Teddy is virtually unkillable
  • Heart of the Dire Teddy (4): Anywhere in the world, whenever it’s right, the Dire Teddy will manifest in one of his Teddy Bears, granting the Teddy Bear Paramount Strength and an unconquerable rage.
Miracle Points: 8

Passions and Skills

Passion: “Leave me alone!” +1
Skill: Monster Slaying +5
Skill: Comforting Children +1
Superior Quality: Cuddliness +1
Cool: 1

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I grieve over my lost boy (2)
Bond: No Monster can defeat me (4)
Affliction: I’m absolutely huge (2)

Estate of Franchise Toys

  • The fate of a Franchise Toy is tied to the Fate of its Franchise.
  • A Franchise Toy is fiction given physical form.
  • A Franchise Toy changes as its Franchise changes.
  • A Franchise Toy is connected with other Franchise Toys through their shared world.

The All-Former – Fabled Toy of Franchise Toys

Among the youngest of the Fabled Toys, the All-Former came about in the 80s when cartoons began to act as advertisements for toys and vice-versa. The myth making inherent in that exercise gave birth to a new spirit, a new God of Toys who was the master of a new and broad Estate.
The All-Former is a vast, die-cast construction of every mechanical, robotic or vehicular toy with a franchise tie-in. He subsumes them and can change into them, or split them off from himself. He speaks with the voice of Peter Cullen, and he speaks a theology of unity, compassion and adaptation. His shape changes and adapts to the latest fashions, meaning he is always among the coolest of toys. He seeks to connect with other toys, and to help them keep up with the interests of children in the same way. He alone spoke in favor of Damien’s reign, making dire predictions of what war with Damien would cost all toys, noting that Damien, if treated right, could come around to seeing the true needs of his responsibility. Since Damien kidnapped Tommy Tinkerton, though, the All-Former has left Damien’s court. Where he is, nobody knows. Many a vehicular toy has revved its engine and gone out on a spirit quest to find the All-Former.

Aspect 2 (Pulp Hero)
Domain 0 (Pawn)
Persona 1
  • Shapeshifting (Vechicular or Robotic toys) (2): The All-Former can become any vehicular or robotic toy, even mixing and matching their traits as necessary.
  • Immutable (1): The All-Former will live for centuries.
  • Durant (1): The Die-Cast All-Former is exceptionally durable.
  • Elusive (1): With endless patience and the ability to change its form, the All-Former cannot be caught in the snares of temptation or shape-changing curses.
  • Paramount Strength (1): While not as powerful as the Dire Teddy, the All-Former is hugely strong.
  • Natural Weapons (Laser beams and plasma swords) (1): The All-Former can manifest any number of wondrous weapons capable of destroying his foes!
Miracle Points: 8

Passions and Skills

Passion: “We must fight as one” +3
Skill: Franchise Lore +2
Superior Quality: Warmachine +1
Cool: 5
Shine: 5

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I am the coolest toy ever! (3)
Bond: You have heard of me (3)
Affliction: I’m a giant robot! (2)

The 13 Forbidden Hell-Toys

Not every toy is suitable for children. Some toys sting the feet of children, or poison their mind, or even strangle the air out of them and kill them. Some, even worse, threaten to unweave the very fabric of what it means to be a toy. These toys generally suffer the dreaded recall, where they are unmade, so that they never existed in the first place, but often, even then, these toys escape. The Kings of Toyland have long hidden these toys away in the Dungeon of Lost Toys, but sometimes, they escape. Damien has actively used the Hell-Toys when necessary, in keeping with the hellish philosophy is his master, Belphegor.


Toyzilla accumulated slowly in the deep bowels of the Dungeon of Lost Toys. As it wandered those dank passages, it devoured each recalled and dangerous toy, adding new sharp spikes and sharp edges to itself. It walks on the spines of jacks, lawn-dart claws jut from its fingers, pop rocks bubble in its belly and the heating elements of a thousand easy-bake ovens burn in its fiery throat. It grew each time it devoured a new toy until it began to shake the very foundations of Toyland, and the King had to chain it away.

Aspect 1 (Touched Up)

  • Monstrous Strength (3): Treat Toyzilla as Aspect 6 for the purposes of sheer strength or the ability to inflict wide scale damage.
  • Durant (1): Toyzilla is exceptionally durable.
  • Fire Breathing (1): Toyzilla has atomic heating-element breath. Whoosh!
  • Natural Weapons (Sharp Edges and Spines) (1): You could put an eye out!
Miracle Points: 3

Passions and Skills
Passion: “You could put an eye-out” +2
Passion: “I just want children to play with me” -1
Superior Quality: City Smashing +4
Skill: Wrestling +1
Skill: Childish Games +1
Skill: Haunting the thoughts of children +3
Cool: +3

Bonds and Afflictions
Bond: I am the most dangerous toy ever created (2)
Affliction: I harm children (4)
Bond: Without the soul of a child in my heart, I would die (5)
Affliction: Corporations want to recall me! (1)
Affliction: I'm a giant, towering toy-monster (2)

The Puzzle Box

This ancient toy has rested in the vaults of the Dungeon of Lost Toy for as long as anyone in Toy Land can remember. Some toy academics (the Speak-and-Learn academy in particular) have spent years studying the ancient thing, but unlocking some of its secrets have also unlocked terrible curses and dread monstrosities. Exactly what it is, where it came from, what its purpose is are unknown. Even Damien is loath to do anything with it, convinced that unlocking it would utterly destroy his estate.

The Adult Toys

Adult Toys represent an abhorrent abomination to Toyland. Only children can come into Toyland, and all toys are childish, but adult toys represent toys for mature audiences only. They are toys that are the opposite of childish. They are a blow struck against the Estate of Toys itself, and were created by a dread Excrucian. The Powers of Toys keep them locked away where they cannot corrupt Toyland further, but Damien has taken to studying them more closely as a back-up plan. They might allow him to escape the clause that only a child can rule Toyland, by allowing him to bridge the chasm between childishness and adulthood by being childish while being an adult. His experiments have borne some fruit, changing the world around him so that grown men regularly collect toys, and dolls become more and more naughty, but the corruption has begun to seep back into Toyland, and especially the darker corners of Toy City where strange perversions have begun to crop up.
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