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Damien Bogsworth, Viscount of Toys, King of Toyland

Belphegor acquired the Estate of Toys by contract, which stipulates that he must honor the laws of Toyland, the seat of the Estate of Toys and a complex world home to a variety of lesser estates. The law of Toyland states that Toyland itself chooses its King, who is also made the Power of Toys. Upon turning 13, the King of Toyland must give up his position to the next king of Toyland.

Damien Bogsworth, the current King of Toyland, refused. The only child of a wealthy lawyer and a doting trophy mom, Damien has lived a life surrounded by the best and most exclusive toys. He’s learned to collect limited edition toys that he leaves in their box (“It preserves their value”), and his parents ensure he has better toys than everyone else, which he uses for leverage to ensure that he’s “the coolest kid in school,” bribing those he’d like to be his friends by letting them watch him play with his awesome toys. His magnificent collection contained such occult weight that Toyland selected him to be the King of Toyland when he was 8.

As his thirteenth birthday approached, Damien realized he had already been replaced and that toyland had selected a new king, Tommy Tinkerton, who would ascend to the throne on Damien’s birthday. Furious at the prospect of losing all the wonderful toys of Toyland, Damien turned to Belphegor, who was all to happy to agree to help him. Belphegor and Damien found Tommy Tinkerton and kidnapped him. Damien keeps Tommy locked up in a dungeon in the bowels of toyland in a magical cage that slowly drains the youth from Tommy and keeps Damien eternally twelve. Soon, Tommy will be too old to be king, and Damien will be the immortal emperor of Toyland.

As the toys of toyland become increasingly aware of these, they have rebelled and tried to free Tommy. Damien has responded with brutal crackdowns and secret police. The toys of Toyland are now divided between those who support Damien’ revolution, enforcers and informants, and those who fight it: rebels and guerillas.

Damien's flowers are aconite, the Key of Rage, and oak, the Key of Something That Hasn't Changed.  He follows the Path of Hell, and his anchors are Tommy Tinkerton, the True King of Toyland, the Pinup Princess, the Great Toy Hoard, and Toyland itself, his Sanctum.

Estate of Toys

-Toys are the playthings of others (3).
-Toys tempt you to use them (1).
-Toys spark nostalgia and fond memories (1).
-Toys bring fun and amusement (1).
-Toys are childish (1).

Domain Miracles of Toys

  1. Summon a common toy from nothing, or change one toy model to another, common toy model.
  2. Know a toy’s true name at a glance. Know everything about an obscure toy. Talk to a toy, get it to talk back, to find out whatever it knows.
  3. Make a toy even cooler: More fun, more tempting, more nostalgic. Upgrade a common toy to a limited-edition, exclusive, high-end toy. Make a toy physically stronger and tougher.
  4. Create a toy to spec. Bring a toy to life, so that it’s animated and able to act according to its will. Make a toy enact your will. Give a toy a new function (“Kung Fu Grip!”)
  5. Use a toy like a ouije board or a magic 8-ball to see the future. Damage or destroy a toy. Strip a toy of its value, or its color, or some of its functions.
  6. Change a toy’s destiny, what purpose it serves, or how the world sees it. Make a toy haunted, or extremely valuable, or the last of its kind. Make a toy epic, making it immortal, unbreakable, or magical.
  7. Animate all the toys of a region or a city. Summon one of the Seven Fabled Toys. Create a magical toy from nothing. Create a new genre of toy.
  8. Destroy all toys in a nation. Destroy a genre of toys. Create an item capable of destroying even one of the seven fabled toys.
  9. Empower a toy to become one of the Seven Fabled Toys.. Forbid toys from ever entering a particular area.

Persona Miracles of Toys

  1. Make someone a little more plastic, a little more fun, or a little more childish
  2. See through the eyes of any single toy. Become a specific toy.
  3. Make yourself tempting. Make it so that someone remembers you fondly. Become enormously fun. Become a child.
  4. Turn someone into a toy, or a toy-like creature. Make someone into your plaything. Curse someone with childishness.
  5. Strip a toy of its fundamental toyness. Remove any fond memories someone has of someone else. Remove all of someone’s childishness. Destroy a toy-like quality of toys, such as making them boring (“An educational toy”), or remove the fond memories associated with them. Become an army of toys.
  6. Connect someone to their toy. Change who is connected with a specific toy (“This teddy bear is now fundamentally yours”). Bless (or curse) someone so that they can see the true lives of toys around them as those toys come alive in their presence. Bless someone so that they may enter toyland, or that they may never enter toyland. Become a truly epic toy. Create a specific fond memory about yourself and put it into the mind of a god. Tempt the whole world to make use of you.
  7. Turn someone into a magical toy, or into an entire genre of toys. Make someone into an eternal child. Bind someone into eternal servitude as your plaything.
  8. Remove an entire genre of toys from your estate. State that all toys within a nation no longer count as toys. Curse someone so that nobody will ever have fond memories of them again, or that nobody will ever have fun with that person again.
  9. Connect someone to an entire genre of toys, so that they are its king and defender, existing so long as they exist, granting them access to a minor estate associated with that toy genre (like one of the seven fabled toys).


Damien and the Tacoma: No power of Belphegor hates the Tacoma’s powers more than Damien, who works actively to defeat them. Percival the Teddy Bear Knight, once one of Damien’s royal guard, abandoned his position to protect his Boy, and worked with Jack Livingston to steal Snickersnack, the primeval wooden sword, from Damien, who has sworn unending revenge. Furthermore, Hazel technically falls within the Estate of Toys, and is the only toy that’s also an Imperator, making her the most exclusive toy, and Damien, as the Power of Toys, claims ownership over her, and wishes to put her “back in her box” to “maximize her value.”

Aspect 0 (Mortal)
Domain 2 (Viscount)
Persona 0
Treasure 5

Gifts: Sovereigns Gift (1)
Miracle Points: 8

Passions and Skills

Passion: “I want to collect all the coolest toys” 2
Skill: Toy Trivia 1
Skill: Tantrums 3
Skill: Feigned Innocence 2
Skill: Things only grownups understand -1

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I am hot for babysitter (1)
Bond: Nobody else gets to play with my toys but me! (3)
Bond: I am seek total dominion over Toyland (2)
Bond: I will make Tommy Tinkerton suffer (1)
Affliction: I will lose my estate if I ever turn 13 (4)
Affliction: I am a twelve year-old boy (1)
Affliction: I reveal the secret life of toys (3)

Anchor: The Great Toy Hoard

Damien Bogsworth has the best toys. These are typically wondrous anchors, and work as described, though it Damien wants to be sure that they’ll help him in a specific way, he needs to use a Treasure miracle. These include:

Exclusive Studio-Worthy Iron Man™ Costume with Working LEDs
Acquired from a winning e-bay bid shortly after the Avengers first came out, the costume is one of a kind, and comes with a manual that states that the armor is “virtually impregnable,” which Damien took to heart. It is a wondrous two with the following two properties:
  • Armor of Argumentation (2): Damien’s Iron Man costume is technically vulnerable to bullets and other real-world weapons, but those are unfair and against the rules, so Damien can use the armor to argue that it doesn’t count.
  • Armor Times Infinity (3): If one attempts to attack Damien’s armor in the context of a toy-fight, he’ll argue that the armor is “virtually impregnable” and so that any hit he takes would be absorbed by the armor, making him nearly invincible in Toyland.
The Nerf Warfighter™ cannon with fully-automatic firing action, unlimited ammunition and underbarrel water-balloon grenade-launcher
This custom-designed prototype never made it fully to market, but it did have an advertising campaign and made the rounds in toy magazines, so naturally Damien decided he wanted it. It serves as his primary weapon when engaging in military-scale combat.
  • Unlimited Ammunition (1): The Warfighter never runs out of ammunition, though he needs to carry a bandoleer of water balloons independently.
  • You’re Out!” (1): The Warfighter can’t kill you, all it can do is make you out, if you’re hit. This also counts as a wound, but it means you may “no longer participate in the game,” in whichever context Damien currently sees the contest.
Working Darth Vader Lightsaber™ Replica with light-up action

When Jack stole Snickersnack, that left Damien without a primary sidearm or sword, the symbol of his kingship. However, while Damien definitely objects to anyone stealing any of his toys, he prefers Darth Vader’s Lightsaber because it’s way cooler.
  • Cuts Through Infinite Armor (3): Darth Vader’s Lightsaber can “cut through anything, just like in the movies!” In the context of “play” combat, it can defeat any material that protects someone.
  • You’re Out!” (3): Darth Vader’s lightsaber, despite impressive visuals, can’t actually kill you. If Damien hits you, though, you’re “out” and not allowed to play anymore, jut like with the War Fighter above.
Genuine Flying Hoverboard™ As Seen in the Movies
Ever since Back to the Future 2, every kid has wanted a hoverboard. Well, Damien has one, and no you can’t play with it. And yes, it does actually fly.

Combat Robotics Commando Elite™ Action Figures with 100% Articulation
Damien Bogsworth has the complete set (including the rare Brick Bazooka action figure, who was recalled due to the danger his included fire-cracker bazooke posed to children), and they form the core of his “praetorian guard” in Toyland, acting as his enforcers and assassination squads.

Passions and Skills
Passions: “Be all you can be!” +1
Passion: “Death to those who oppose Damien’s Glorious Revolution!” +2
Passion: “We’re Action Figures, not Dolls!” +1
Skill: Frag ‘em all +4

Anchor: Beatrix Freeman, the Pin-Up Princess

Beatrix has been the baby-sitter for the Bogsworth since she was 14 and Damien was 9 (They share a birthday), and he’s had a slowly growing crush for the increasingly attractive young woman. He’d bring her his most expensive toys, let her watch him play his most exclusive games, and one time, he even let her touch one of his collectibles. She thought his exclusive Colonel Chip Murphy toy was a “nice doll,” and smiled sweetly at all of his little toys, and then kissed him on his head and sent him off to bed. Oh, how Damien loved those kisses.

Beatrix was also an excellent student and attractive enough to win the heart of any young man in her school, but she kept herself unattached, and Damien knew it had to be that she loved him too. It had to be! Then she announced that she had been accepted at Queens University in Kingston, but she wouldn’t leave until she turned 18. She told Damien that she would “miss him.”

Damien was furious. How dare she leave him! So on the last night that she was to babysit her, he asked her if she would come look at his “Secret place.” Suspicious, she joined him in his room, whereupon his Commando Elite grabbed her and dragged her, while he laughed, into Toyland.

She resides now, chained to his throne in Toyland, his beloved Pinup Princess. He intends to marry her, and brings her the riches of Toyland and asks her, but she refuses, demanding to be released so that she can go home, go to College and finally grow up. Toyland cannot accept her as an adult, but it can accept her as a toy, so it slowly changes her, turning her skin into plastic and her hair into nylon. She can feel her will sapping, being replaced with a desire for someone to just play with her. When she can, she conspired with Toyland’s resistance, but she is increasingly aware that Damien uses her as his puppet, connected to her by his obsession for her, and she’s concerned that she might be undermining the very resistance she is trying to foster.

Passions and Skills
Passions: “I want to grow up!” +2
Skill: Modern Parenting Psychology +3
Skill: Innocent Flirting +2
Superior Quality: Plastic Beauty +2
Cool +1

Bonds and Afflictions
Bond: You can trust me with your kids (1)
Bond: I can never leave Toyland so long as Damien rules it (2)
Affliction: I am a living toy (3)
Affliction: A demented Power loves me! (2)

Anchor: Tommy Tinkerton, the True King of Toyland

Tommy Tinkerton never knew his true parents, as they died in a mysterious, toy-related accident when he was just a baby. Since then, the ginger-haired boy bounced from orphanage to orphanage. In one, he met a doddering old carpenter who taught him to carve his own wooden toys. In another, he met an old seamstress who taught him to sew his own dolls. In a third, he met a toymaker who showed him how to care for and maintain the old, antique toys, like tin soldiers and rocking horses. Each craftsman told Tommy that he was special, and meant for bigger things, but that he should use his skills to improve the lives of those around him, and that he should respect his toys.

He did. He plied his skills in each orphanage, fixing the broken dolls of crying girls, or building new ones from scratch for a set of twins who had nothing to play with. He named each toy he made, and could even imagine a life for them, and he dreamed that they thanked him for their true names, and promised to keep them hidden and that, one day, when he needed them, they would come for him.

Then, at least, the door to Toyland opened up to him. The toys he had built lined up before him and welcomed him to his new throne. He was to be the next King of Toyland. Then, the clouds gathered and, Damien Bogsworth and his elite strike force, alerted by the Magic 8 Ball as to the time and location of Tommy’s arrival, scattered the Tinkerton’s loyalists and snatched Tommy away and spirited him to his dungeon.

Damien demands that Tommy abdicate his position as King of Toyland in his favor, officially and before all the Toys of Toyland, so that the resistance against his rule will finally end. Tommy refuses. In retaliation, Damien finds one of Tommy’s created toys and breaks their wooden legs and rips out their stuffing in front of Tommy while the serene prince refuses to give in.

“If you leave a toy in its package,” He’ll tell Toyland’s dictator. “You’ll never understand it the way I do.”

Passions and Skills
Passion: “I love toys” +5
Passion: “We can fix a problem by talking about it reasonably” +2
Skill: Toymaking +4
Skills: Magical Kingdom Administration +2

Bonds and Afflictions
Bond: I am the True King of Toyland (3)
Bond: I will defeat Damien (1)
Bond: I love the toys I created (1)

Anchor: Toyland

Toyland is the Sanctum of the Power of Toys, and is described in its own post.

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