Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ken and Robin have a patreon

My dear and faithful readers, I haven't had the chance to get around to some of my favorite topics, like demonology or history or GURPS Cabal, but all of them have their roots in my misspent youth scrambling for whatever scraps of the Suppressed Transmission that I could get.  Kenneth Hite helped inspire many of my campaigns and I often quote him.

 At some point, I'll get around to my own Apprentice Consulting Occultist series. Lo and behold, on a great and joyous day, Kenneth Hite started a podcast with Robin Laws. Robin literally wrote the book on game-mastering and his excellence in tightly focused game design joins my pantheon of inspirations with Sirlin and Raph Koster's "A Theory of Fun" for how I work on and design my own games or campaigns.

 So, if you like my stuff, I recommend listening to them on Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff. And if you like their stuff, if I may finally get to the real point of this post, they've launched a patreon campaign. I've already bid my dollars in support of these giants of the RPG industry, and I encourage you to do the same. Thanks for your time, dear and faithful reader. I return you back to your regularly scheduled force sword duels.

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