Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year!

Sorry it took me so long to wish you that. I had a rough night last night ^_^

As usual for this time of the year, I went to a friends house, enjoyed a good meal and good company, and watched Eindhoven light up. They shoot off fireworks here, and we had a chance to look over the town from a high rise. Colors burst over the whole city, and a surreal mist blurred the lines of all the streets. They had this particularly cool firework which fired off submunitions which fired off more submunitions until they all burst in this entire cloud of light. It was amazing.

I don't believe in resolutions, mainly because I'm always coming up with things I want to do all throughout the year, so there's no particular reason to make plans on this exact day. Still, it makes me think. I remember ten years ago, standing outside of Ron's house while friends played with fireworks, wondering where I would be ten years from there. Where am I? A published author returning to school with a wife and my own house in Europe, with a second language officially under my belt. I guess I have a reason to be proud.

But where will we be ten years from now? I fully expect we'll hit TL 9 by 2020. I kinda wonder what the big technological change will be. I already knew about the internet and the advance of computers in 2000, but I never expected the swift and amazing rise of mobile phones. What's the next big black swan? Aerospace? Biotech? Quantum computers? And I can only expect and hope that the economy will improve greatly by then (though we'll still be complaining about it by then). I want to have my degree by then, and I can only hope I'll be blessed with a child.

So, a great ten years to look forward to, I think

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