Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Wiki Highlight: Aliens!

My, I posted a lot less in December than I thought!  Most of my attention has been on the wiki, and I wanted to finish up the basic alien templates, so people have at least something to work with.  There are more aliens! But this gives a pretty good overview of the aliens of Psi-Wars.  I've added:

I've added:

  • The Karkadann, the mutant technologists from the Zero-Template Challenge
  • The Vithanni, the blacklit, aura-clad slaved from the Zero-Template Challenge
  • The Nehudi, the primal, nature-bound natives of the Sylvan Spiral
  • The Sathran, the cannibalistic snake-people from Iteration 5, updated to be more like the Kaa and the Serpent-Lords.
  • The Keverlings, adorable-but-dumb beetle workers of the Umbral Rim, and result of a backer poll.
I've also updated:
  • The Gaunt, to be a little more forgiving on modifiers
  • Slavers, with lots of additional information
You can always find all the details of the aliens of Psi-Wars on a dedicated page here.

Backers can see more of what I've worked on in the backend (Patreon, Subscribestar). 

I don't expect to get more done in December, as it's the holidays and I'll likely be busy, but we'll see where life takes us!

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