Sunday, April 3, 2016


As I had mentioned previously, I got married this month. One of the reasons I wanted to work ahead was so that you, dear reader, would continue to get your posts uninterrupted by my nuptials.  Now, I'll really put that to the test, because starting tomorrow, I'm putting down my computer and going to distant lands to delight my wife with romantic vistas and exotic foods.  I will be unavailable for comments, and I won't be able to promote my material: No announcements on the SJGames forums, no Facebook posts, no Google+ posts.  That doesn't mean I've stopped: This week you should see all my posts on Alternate Spaceships for all your Psi Wars needs.  It's just that I won't be broadcasting about them (though feel free to take up that torch yourself).

So, I hope to see you here anyway, but be aware that if I don't get back to your comments, it's because I'm relaxing in a gondola admiring my newly acquired carnival mask while my blushing bride rests in my arms.

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