Friday, July 31, 2020

Reminder: Backer Poll on the Fourth Bounty Hunter Lodge

Whenever I introduce a new faction, I like to run a Backer poll on it too. Once the poll is done, I'll cobble together the results, and turn them into a faction that is present in the setting.  Previous polls have resulted in:
  • House Tan-Shai
  • The Traders
  • The current depiction of House Alexus
  • The Emperor and his organization
  • Domen Khemet and Domen Tarvagant, the competing Death Cults of the Divine Masks religion
Now we have a poll on the Bounty Hunter Lodge.

Of course, my real purpose with these polls isn't to come together and create a particular, cohesive faction. Instead, the intent is to inspire you, to show you some of the things I think about when creating these groups, and to get you to think about creating your own.  Thus, even if you don't want to vote, it might be worth reading over the ideas, just to create your own faction.

The current leaders in the polling are:
  • They are located in the Sylvan Spiral
  • They primary hunt Communion users (they are "anti-Templars")
  • They hunt for money, and only for money
  • They are trained experts in Neurolash weaponry
  • They are secretive (you don't contact them, they contact you)
  • In addition to Bounty Hunters, they make heavy use of Spies
  • Unsurprisingly, most of the Galaxy has never heard of these guys.
But there's a lot more nuance than that in the polling results and the comments, and your own vote could change that too. The poll is open to $5+ Backers. If you're such a backer, remember to vote!

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