Saturday, February 22, 2020

Patreon Special: Minion Enhancements

As I began working on the combat scenes of Tall Tales of the Orochi Belt, I hit on the idea of expanding them from the drab rules of GURPS Action (though there is much to be said for their simplicity) in favor of the more intriguing options found in After the End and Dungeon Fantasy. I had touched on this already with the "Trademark moves" on some of my mooks found in previous iterations of Psi-Wars, but I wanted to explore the concept more fully, as discussed in this blog post

As this one the most recent patreon poll, I now present to you Minion Enhancements. This is a 20-page document discussing how to use advantages and disadvantages to make more interesting combat encounters with mooks and henchmen, as well as about 20 worked examples of more detailed enhancements, and 6 worked examples that you can drop directly into a generic Action game.

This is a Patreon special for all Dreamers ($1+ patrons; yes, just $1).

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