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Patreon Specials Index

I've been releasing Patreon specials for awhile and I leave them up, because I think it increases the bang-for-your-buck of all people who join, but quite a few Patrons have noted that they find it difficult to dig through my whole patron feed to find stuff, and that's true: Patreon sucks for navigation.  So, my Patrons have asked me to organize them all into a single, easy-to-find place.  And, here it its!

Some of these specials are previews so not all of them will be "unique" forever, and some are outdated already, but I include them primarily for reference, or for those of you who want a preview. This list is also not exhaustive.  I may have missed a few, and certainly there are more to come.

If you're not a Patron, feel free to join us.  There's a link in the sidebar, or you can click here.  If you are a patron, enjoy!

Dreamer ($1+) General Specials

I assume Dreamers want to generally support me, and their specials are meant to be broadly applicable, either to RPGs in general, or to a variety of GURPS products.
  • Esoteric Medicine: As I worked on Psi-Wars, I realized Esoteric Medicine needed a place within the setting, and to make that happen, I wanted more detail on how Esoteric Medicine worked and what it meant.  This document is an exploration of real-world esoteric medicine (in broad strokes) and suggestions on how to make your own esoteric medicine systems.
  • Philosophy: I used GURPS Religion a lot, but I've done a lot of homework on philosophy (I'm no philosophy major, but I suspect I know more than the average guy on the street about the various stripes and flavors of philosophies out there), so I wanted to create a "mini-supplement" meant to augment GURPS Religion with discussions of Philosophy. 
  • Modular Robots: As I was working on tech, I realized I needed the ability to make my own robots.  This was the result.  It's ultimately derived from how Ultra-Tech seems to handle robots, and should be more-or-less fully compatible with UT robots.
  • The Five Shaolin Elders: I sought inspiration for the Templar secret Masters from the FIve Shaolin elders, so I shared my research in this post, including a new martial art (White Eyebrow Boxing)
  • Anti-Psi Revisited: Negative Psi: Some of my players complained that Anti-Psi was too situational: you spent points in being good at defeating psis, but what if there were none?  So, inspired by characters like Darth Nihilus, I came up with Negative Psi, applying Anti-Psi more broadly, as an optional rule
  • Space Ghosts Revisited: I discussed Ghosts in Iteration 5, but I wanted to come back to them since they were so important to Broken Communion.  It resulted in this document, which is largely a more detailed discussion of creating your own ghosts, built off of the Monster Hunter rules. 
  • Building an Ultra-Tech Framework: This is originally public, and its also available in broken-up pieces on my blog, but you can get the whole thing here.
  • How Big is Big, Size Modifier Context: A post about what various size modifiers mean in volume and size with real-world comparisons, part of my research into vehicular design.
  • Clarktech: Technology as Magic: An article on using GURPS Ultra-Tech as the basis for a "sci-fi as fantasy" setting or using technology as your basis for magic.
  • The Siege of Centauri Prime: a quick sketch of a new setting, a world in the midst of being terraformed, where highschool kids co-opt their parents fabrication units to create robots for battle-bot gladiatorial battles out in the wildlands of the planet.  It's meant as a worked xample of my Ultra-Tech Framework.
  • The Plague Creation System: A quick sketch of three basic disease templates, 4 thematic sets of symptoms based on the Four Humors, and a set of special effects that one can apply to diseases to further customize them, including three worked examples and Viral Gadgeteer modifiers!
Broadly Applicable Psi-Wars Topics
Evidently I also include some Psi-Wars inspired topics in the $1+, but only if I see that they might be useful outside of Psi-Wars
  • Faith in Psi-Wars (Shepherdism): I wanted to talk about numerous ways to think about faith beyond the "religion as psychic powers" found in most of my religions.  I also introduced a new "generic" religion inspired by Shepherd Book from Firefly ("Shepherdism"), which seems popular enough that I might fold it into Psi-Wars proper.
  • Occult Communion and Psychokinesis Revisited: As I worked with Communion, I wanted to make Paths into more of a means of reaching Communion in a more limited fashion, thus Occult Communion.  It also includes some updates to Psychokinesis
  • Martial Arts Notes I - Reflections: As I worked out the martial arts for Psi-Wars, I spent a lot of time thinking about niches, interplay between styles and other design components.  This resulted in two documents; the first is this one, which compares the styles and uses it as a guide for making your own styles. 
  • Scale of the Empire: This was more of a meditation on how large the Empire would "realistically" be.  It's not necessarily "canon" for the Psi-Wars empire, but is an interesting discussion of what interstellar-scale civilizations might look like, using the economics of GURPS Space.
  • Tactics - Imperial Security: As part of my design of the Empire and Rebellions, I studied how real armies and insurgencies fight and came up with some broad outlines for tactics they might use. I also had one unpublished on my blog for imperial security.  It's all subject to change, but might be an interesting read, or inspiration for your own police/spy forces.
  • Sample Broken Communion Ghosts: Intended for use in Psi-Wars, but might be useful in any campaign featuring ghosts.

Fellow Traveler ($3+) Psi-Wars Specials

The intent behind Fellow Travelers are that they either really want to support me, or they really want Psi-Wars content, so their rewards tend to be Psi-Wars preview, or Psi-Wars "general discussion" that doesn't feel right on the blog.

Psi-Wars Previews
  • The Dead Art and the Gaunt: A discussion of a lost Ranathim technology and one Psi-Wars race 
  • The Skairos, the Devils of Persephone: The Akashic Mysteries included imagery of the "Devils of Persephone."  This post details them, including numerous options on how to solve the mystery (as monster, as ghost, as alien race, and as bloodline).  Polls since have voted, essentially, for the document in its entirety to be canonized, but in the meantime, it's here as a preview. 
  • Neo-Rational Technology: When I finished Neo-Rationalism, I also released "secret technologies."  These will likely be over-ridden or worked into the setting in more detail, and Neo-Rationalism itself needs another pass, but in the meantime, some toys to play with! 
  • Martial Arts Notes  II - Secrets: A good kung-fu game needs kung-fu secrets... and bullshido.  This article was mostly my own musings on secret techniques.  I've decided since that I need to dive more deeply into a system to make this work, so these will probably change in the future, but it's an interesting worked example in the meantime. 
  • Mech Mob: The result of a poll (but finished), this is the rebellion of Grist. It includes some bonus details, such as Titans and Grist-based "life," and was used in Tinker Titan Rebel Spy. 
  • Dirty Ultra-Tech: As I worked on rebel factions, it occurred to me that I needed ways to improvise technology.  This is based on dirty-tech from High-Tech, but with a TL 11^ spin.
  • The Names of Humanity: Names matter, and this was my first stab at putting them together.  Some elements in here will certainly change, especially the Shinjurai names, which I'm not happy with yet, but it's still a nice resource.
  • Traders - Race and Culture: The Companions had a chance to vote on an Alien Race, and the Traders came out as a result.  This includes their racial template and their culture/language.
  • Traders - Technology: This is almost certainly going to be outdated soon, as I'd like to do a tech-framework poll with the Companions, but in the meantime, you can see my original thoughts.
  • Transcendent Principles and Powers: The Cult of the Mystical Tyrant rewrites reality with their sheer will, creating new powers . This includes two more principles and powers not detailed in the blog-posts.
  • House Tan-Shai: The Fifth House, finally unveiled!
  • Elite Armor - Alexus and Tan-Shai: The secret armor of the royal Alexian dynasty and the Fifth house, Tan-Shai
  • The Slavers Preview: Disgusting!  The monstrous Temkorathim of the Deep Dark Rim unveiled at last in all of their slavering horror.  Includes art by the inestimable Kriz Villacis.
Psi-Wars Poll Notes
Polls are really meant for Companions, but their results are available on this level.  Not usually a finished thing, but they do offer a glimpse of what the final version will be.

  • Fifth House Poll: After the four main houses of the Alliance, I created the option for a fifth house created by the Companions.  These are the results of the vote.
  • House of Alexus: The Companions also had a chance to vote on the royal house of Maradon and its dynasty.
  • Domen Khemet - the Cult of Death: The Divine Masks religion includes multiple sub-sects that worship specific paths of Communion.  This is the result of poll for the Path of Death.

Companion ($5+) Elite Content

The real intent behind Companions is that they have the option to shape content by joining in on polls (some of the previews above are "poll generated"), but they also sometimes get option to highly exclusive content, usually on par with a complete supplement's worth of material (10k+ words)
  • Orphans of the Stars: This was a commissioned work that I had permission to release.  It's a TL 9-10^ bio-tech setting with a deep focus on politics.  It includes a fully workable political system for GURPS with a focus on administration.

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