Thursday, January 21, 2016

Psi Wars: Troopers 1.0

If we're going to playtest, we need someone for our heroes to fight!  Since Storm Troopers are the classic opponents in Star Wars, we'll use heavily armored troopers, and see how our characters fare against them.  We'll just use a simplified version of the Trooper template, and then gear them up.


ST 11
DX 12
IQ 10
HT 11

HP 11
Will 10
Per 10
FP 11

Speed 6
Move 6
SM 0

Dodge 10  Parry 10 
DR 100 (torso) 60 (limbs) 36 (Skull) 24 (face)

Blaster Carbine (14): 5d(5) burn sr, Acc 10, Range 500/1500, RoF 3 (17 shots), bulk 3, rcl 1
Punch (12): 1d-2 cr, C
Plasma Grenade (12): 6dx4 burn sur exp, 30 yards

Traits: Combat Reflexes, Fit, Bloodlust (15), Code of Honor (Soldier's). IR Vision, Hearing 
Protection, Small Radio, Biomedical sensors, micro-climate control, filter mask, sealed.

Skills: Soldier-12, Driving-12, Explosives-10, Computer Operation-10, First Aid-10

Class: Human


I've gone ahead and given them plasma grenades, but the Trooper template doesn't actually have Thrown Weapons or Throwing, which is definitely an oversight.  Also, the blaster carbine doesn't actually do enough damage to penetrate a hardsuit (neither does a rifle in fact), unless we shoot for the faceplate or the limbs.  Scary!  We might need to address that when we look at technology.  I wasn't sure what disadvantages to give them, so I just made them more likely to go for the kill than take prisoners, and gave them a code of honor, but it's honestly not that important.  The rest are details from their armor.  They seem a bit tough, actually, for mooks. I'm worried that while Luke, Han and Leia could mow through troopers, Dun, Kendra and Leylana will find them tougher nuts to crack.  Of course, treating them as mooks will help (Storm Troopers weren't exactly weak, they just sucked when they went up against the Big Damn Heroes).

Also, I would have formatted this as a table, but that doesn't seem to be an option with Blogger.

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