Sunday, March 29, 2020

A Minor Change to my Support Page

A lot of you viewing this blog are Patreons, and I want to thank  you for your support, and I'd like to continue creating content that rewards you for your support, and commissioning the art that will show you the world of Psi-Wars. 

However, not a year goes by when Patreon doesn't step into some controversy and scandal and they increasingly look like an unstable platform to me: they change their terms of use on a whim if they feel like it, they seem arbitrary, and they've somehow not managed to turn a profit the entire time they've been in existence (or so I understand it).  Some of these scandals have actually cost me patrons.  So, it seems foolish to rely exclusively on Patreon for this blog's income.

So, I've branched out.  I still have Patreon, and given its market presence, I don't see it disappearing soon, but if you don't like their approach to things, or just prefer a different platform to Patreon, I now have a SubscribeStar account you can also subscribe to.  You don't have to make the switch if you don't want to, but the option is there for those who do. If you are going to switch, I suggest quitting Patreon now, waiting until a new month begins, and then re-up via SubscribeStar.

I've also had requests to just give a one-time donation.  You can do so now through my If there's a specific special (or specials) you want, get in touch with me and we'll work something out.

Thank you as always for your support.  As stated before, nothing needs to change for you if you don't want it to, These are just new options for those who want them.

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