Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A Patreon Thank You: Space Knight Art Preview

While things have been quiet on the art front, those gears still churn in the background.  I've been unable to contact my fashion designer, so the male artworks for humanity have languished, but I've made do with something I'm fairly confident I can design on my own: Space Knights.

Space Knight artwork is important for me because it's critical to differentiate a Psi-Wars Space Knight from a Star Wars Jedi.  The primary differences are obvious, in that Psi-Wars characters wear armor while armor seems mostly a fashion choice in Star Wars.  But I also see the force sword as fundamentally different than a lightsaber in a few ways (a coalesced force screen "blade," like a force ward "edge on" vs a "laser sword"), and the function of the Space Knight is very different.  The Jedi are space paladins from a sacred order, but in Psi-Wars, I've tried to create the core concept of Space Knights as soldiers who serve one specific faction, like the knights of old (complete with aristocratic bloodlines that allow for eugenically engineered psychic powers), and this means that not everything they do is practical, as their somewhat ostentatious armor is as much for show as for practical purposes.

But nothing says all of this like an actual work of art, and so I've commissed THE Psi-Wars artist (Christian Villacis), who gave us three pieces to illustrate what a space knight might look like. This artwork is available to all $3! patrons. Enjoy, and thank you.

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