Monday, April 22, 2019

Patreon Post: House Tan-Shai, the Fifth House

Patrons of the Companion ($5+) and higher tier sometimes get to vote on some critical aspect of the Psi-Wars setting.  Nearly two years ago, they had the chance to vote on the "Fifth house." The results were... unusual to say the least: a degenerate house elevated by the Mad Emperor, who opposed the Akashic Order, had anti-psionic powers, and followed a Broken Communion cult and sided with the Emperor; they were clearly the anti-Maradonian house!

Well, it's taken me a lot of time, but House Tan-Shai, lords of the Arkhaian Spiral, are finally here.  Fellow Travellers ($3+ patrons) now have access to a preview of the house.  Enjoy!  As always, thank you to all of my patrons, and if you're not a patron, you can always become one by hitting that button in the sidebar!

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