Thursday, November 23, 2017

Zathare: Ranathim Sorcery

Alternate Names: Anala Izathan, Ranathim Sorcery

When Ranathim speak of the Anala Izathan, they most often mean Zathare specifically. The typical practitioner of Zathare, a Zathan or a warlock, tends to be wealthy enough to hunt down strange and rare relics, which he collects in his grand estate, as well as ancient tomes detailing powerful psionic rituals compiled by other, more ancient warlocks. He speaks Lithian, even if he’s a non-Ranathim practitioner, and many warlocks are non-Ranathim (humans find it especially appealing).

To the Zathan, the “Divinities” of the Divine Mask are just psionic energies and forces that can be understood and negotiated with. Their focus is not on channeling the divine directly, as cults or Ranathim witches do, but in harnessing that energy to empower and improve their psionics. Zathare teaches techniques and skills that can improve any psion’s power, but their preferred psionic powers are Pyshic Vampirism, Psychokinesis and Telepathy, though they regularly pilfer the cults of the Divine Mask for additional psionic knowledge. They use ornate rituals, rich Communion imagery and words of power found buried in old Lithian to empower their abilities.

The warlocks of Zathare have little respect for the divinities of the cults, but when they do treat directly with the Gods of the Domen, they do so as equals, negotiating for power. They take a Communion Oath, twisting their own destinies in service to one or more (often many!) paths to gain access to some specific miracle. Thus, the most powerful warlocks are often constrained by their own arcane oaths and, if forced to break them, will suffer a dark fate indeed.

Zathare as Esoteric Style 3 points

Required Skills: Occultism, Theology (Divine Masks)

Additional Psionic Skills: Instill Terror, Mind Shield, PK Shield, Sensory Control, Steal Energy, Steal Life, Suggestion, Telerecieve, Telesend, TK Crush, TK Grab, TK Lock.

Perks: Communion Oath, Dark Contract, Psionic Ritual (Any), Psionic Style Adaption (Any Domen), Psychic Symbolism (Any Path, Psychic Vampirism or Psychokinesis or Telepathy), Secret Words.

Optional Traits: IQ

Optional Advantages: Language (Lithian)

Optional Disadvantages: Curiosity, Destiny (Any negative Domen destiny), Jealousy, Overconfidence, Selfish, Vow (The Law of any Domen).

Optional Skills:Connoisseur (Relics), Connoisseur (Places of Power), Fortune Telling (any), History (Ranathim), Literature (Ranathim), Religious Ritual (Divine Masks)

New Traits


Communion Oath: Provided the character has an appropriate disadvantage that is mitigated by following an oath, the character may purchase Learned Prayers directly, at full price, with an additional limitation based on an appropriate vow.

Dark Contract: The character may draw upon Dark Communion for additional psychic energy using the Dark Communion Contract rules.

Psychic Symbolism: You may add the symbol bonuses and penalties from a specific Path to the skill rolls of a specific power.

Psionic Ritual: You have a specific ritual that requires visible gestures and audible incantations. Performing this ritual improves one specific use of a psionic skill that must be defined up-front (the equivalent to a trademark move) grants +1 to that use.

Psionic Style Adaption: As Magical Style Adaption, Thamautalogy: Magic Styles page 27.

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