Friday, October 6, 2017

Patreon Special: Esoteric Medicine and Psi-Wars

GURPS offers up the Esoteric Medicine skill for those who want an alternative to the standard Physician skill, but what does it actually mean?  GURPS Fantasy Tech 1: Edge of Reality offers some mechanics for Esoteric Medicine, but for Psi-Wars, I wanted to more deeply explore the impact of psychic powers on healing, and what sort of alternate paradigms one might find in the world of Esoteric Medicine, as well as offer some unusual new diseases that perhaps only esoteric medicine could heal!

This document is written from the perspective of Psi-Wars, but is a very generic take on Esoteric Medicine, and can work equally well with other GURPS works (including Dungeon Fantasy or Monster Hunters).  It's available to all $1+ patrons (so it's a steal!). If you're a patron, check it out.  If not, it's one buck, and I'd love to have you!

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