Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Akashic Mysteries Preview Document

The Akashic Order dominated the Galaxy hand-in-hand with the Eternal Empire and the Alexian Dynasty, in a bid to protect the galaxy from some existential threat that only they could see.  In time, however, power corrupted them, and the Eternal Empire fell and the Alexian dynasty vanished, leaving only a hollow shell of the Akashic Order, laid low by their broken promises.

Today, the Akashic Order has been reduced to a vestigal organization that centers on their homeworld of Persephone, a cultural curiosity for the Alliance that still supports them, and a small band of devoted followers who do what they can to still fend off the "Coming Storm" that threatens to devour the galaxy.

Today, I offer a preview of this ancient theology to all $3+ Patrons. If you're a patron, check it out!  If you're not a patron, I'll be unveiling the Akashic Order over the next three weeks (though, as usual, I'd love to have you).

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