Friday, September 1, 2017

State of the Patreon: September 2017; Philosophy and Playtests

I look forward to leaving the summer behind!

This was a very good month.  For the first time in the summer, I stopped my view freefall and recovered quite a bit back to a stable 8-9k, though the past few months I haven't had those weird, spammy spikes, and those are back, so I don't know how much I actually fell, and how much I improved.  In July, my Patreon was fairly stagnate, and I lost some Patrons this month but man, did I ever gain some more.  We've officially hit the art stretch goal, and I've already done some homework and had some people help me with sketches.

August marked the end of the Alliance which, along with the Empire, finishes off the core organizations of the main driver of the narrative of Psi-Wars.  We move on to the next deeper level in the coming month: Philosophy.

For my $1+ Patrons, I have an 8000 word treatise on Philosophy.  That comes out next week.  It takes GURPS Religion, and dives into how to create a philosophical movement using those rules, with a deeper look at beliefs, and a very superficial glance at some philosophical ideas you can mix and match to start working on your own philosophy.

For my $3+ Patrons, I have some treats. On the 15th, I discuss Faith in Psi-Wars, and offer a quick sample religion, Shepherdism, inspired by Shepherd Book from Firefly.  On the 22nd, I have Neo-Ratoinal Technology, a look at some sample TL 12 technologies that you can use for prototypes or gadgetry that should fit well enough into Psi-Wars.  Finally, on the 29th, I offer the Devils of Persephone: the Secrets of the Skairos, a look at a mythological element of the Akashic Mysteries, including several ideas on how to handle that mythology in your Psi-Wars game.

For $5+ Patrons, I'll offer a small poll on the 29th regarding the Devils of Persephone, mainly discussing how canonical they should be in the setting.  It's your choice!

For $3+ and $5+, of course, I still need to finish up the Alexian and Fifth House polls. Expect the poll results soon, and the actual write ups when I can get to them.

For the $7+, I have Tinker Titan Rebel Spy, the first Psi-Wars playtest session/mini-campaign.  It's still a work in progress at this moment, but I feel confident enough to open it up to sign-ups.

For everyone, next month we dive into the basics of philosophy next week, then spend two weeks looking at Neo-Rationalism, and then finish out the month with our first glimpse of the Akashic Mysteries.

I want to thank everyone for helping make this a great month, and I especially want to thank my Patrons for bringing me to my next stretch goal. You guys are wonderful!  Whether you're a patron or not, I hope you stick with Psi-Wars.

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