Thursday, April 6, 2017

Patreon Post: Tactics of the Imperial Navy

Now that I've finished off the Imperial Navy, I have a Patreon Post detailing something I devised rather late in my building of the Empire.  I realized it might be nice to have "signature moves" for Imperial Chase scenes, and from there, I realized I knew little about how the Empire actually fought, or the sorts of "standard operating procedures" it had.

So, I wrote up some material to sort my thoughts out, and I've offered this document to all of my ($1+) patrons.

This is a slightly different Patreon post from usual, though, because while most of my Patreon posts are things that I find interesting but feel that I shouldn't bother any but my most ardent fans with, this one feels like it might be something that should actually go in the final documents.  On the other hand, my document is already very long.  Thus, I leave it up to my Patrons to give me feedback on what material, if any, should go in the final document.  Thus, if you're a $1+ patron, please check it out and vote!  If you're not a Patron, we'd love to have you!

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