Monday, March 13, 2017

Patreon Post: The Traders Poll Results

This week is going to be something of a Patreon Week, rather by accident.  I offered some polls on the Traders, and the results have come in.  The results took more time and energy than I expected, so the material is rather extensive and is going to take some time to release.  Don't worry, my non-Patrons, I do dearly love you too, and this week will see the release of the first of a very long, multi-series post on the Empire!

So, today, I have my Poll Results, which are available only to my Companions ($5+) because those are the people who voted for them.  If you're not a Patron, I'd love to have you, but note that you won't have much context, at least, for this post.  The results of the Traders will be visible later this week as a "preview," and thus available to all $3+.  Eventually, of course, all of this ends up in the final documents.

Check it out here.

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