Friday, March 24, 2017

Patreon Post: Building Grav Cars

Next week, I'm going to unveil Imperial Security and then we'll shortly dive into the Imperial Navy, both of which really require decent vehicles, but especially Imperial Security.  The problem I have is that I lack a decent system by which to build vehicles: There's no Vehicles 4e!  So what's  a man to do?

Well, I struggled with several ideas, from just modifying the existing grav car, to using GURPS Spaceships to build it, and then I finally gave in and looked at Vehicles 3e.  My final solution resulted in a compromise between the various solutions.  In today's patreon post (for $1+!) I offer my design journal for creating grav cars and, because that's a meandering mess, I also offer a cleaner and more concise guide on how to build 4e vehicles with Vehicles 3e.
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