Friday, September 9, 2016

Zee's Achievements

Zee fundamentally views the world as one would view a game.  She would even argue that she, and all other powers, are but characters in a larger game, and if the whole world is nothing but a game, then she can have profound control over the very fabric of the world itself, to shape it into what she thinks it should be.  Using the dark wizardry of the Konami Codex and spending days to concoct the right rituals, she has managed to weave a certain dharmic magic into the world, one which can empower her own ambitions and power, but one that can empower anyone's ambition and power, if they understand them and accept the Zee's premise that life is but a game.

This magic takes the forms of an achievement.  By accomplishing an achievement, one gains sudden dharmic weight.  Achievements lend meaning to the meaningless and that meaning can translate into the ability to move one's life forward and in a direction one wishes.

Anyone playing in the Price of Tea in Vancouver may choose to pursue achievements.  Successfully gaining an achievement grants you a single point of destiny that can be spent on any project you wish, however you must also fundamentally accept Zee's premise, which means any project that benefits from achievement destiny can be manipulated and controlled by Zee herself.  She promises that any changes she makes will be awesome and a total blast, though, so I'm sure you have nothing to worry about.

The Achievements

-Suffer a divine wound without dying

Blue Rose
-Give or recieve true love's kiss

Call of Duty
-Defeat an Excrucian

-Collect one million gold pieces

Crusader King
-Earn a Title

Dark Souls
-Condemn one soul to hell

Girlfriend Rescue
-Rescue a princess or be rescued by a knight

Love Plus
-Go on an official date!

Orcs Must Die!
-Kill one million enemies (humans, mannequins, robots, demons, zombies, etc)

-Unlock a bonus stage!

Progress Quest
-Complete one Project

-Set foot on a new world in the world tree

Time Splitters
-Travel through time

-Speak a Word of Power

-Roll a critical success!

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