Thursday, September 8, 2016

Rewriting Combat: The Cheat Sheet

It is my opinion and experience that if you're going to modify the combat system, and you want players to take advantage of that system, then you need to provide them with a solid understanding of the new rules you have included. Ideally, this should be a single A4 piece of paper with a distillation of all your roles in one place.  It doesn't have to exhaustive, but it should be enough that all the players' options are clear, and you have a master document available at your finger tips.

It is the nature of such documents that they necessarily summarize a lot of published GURPS rules..  I don't believe that the cheat sheet I have produced is sufficient to play GURPS without GURPS, so I feel that it's fair-use, but it's not my intent to pirate SJGames material, to make it available without you paying, or to claim that I created them (I have compiled this list and it does include some house rules, but the bulk of it repeats work that is not mine).  If SJGames disagrees, I will happily remove the document.

As I worked ahead on this topic, it came up that Tactical Shooting had a few rules that I found interesting as well, which I've included in this document but have not discussed previously.  It'll come up soon enough, though, I promise.

You can read it here.

The point is to offer you, dear reader, an example of what such a sheet might look like, and to give those of you who want to play Psi-Wars, a quick-glance summary of what you can and cannot do.

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