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Magnus Carter, Dark Duke of Corporations

Magnus Carter is the Power of Corporations.  He is Belphegor's Son, and the literal manifestation of the compact between Belphegor and the Bilderberg group, who seeks to bring about Belphegor's New World Order.  Magnus is a Dark Magister, and seeks to undermine and ultimately destroy mankind.  Relatively recently (since the 1950s), Magnus Carter has taken on the name "Magnus Carter" and has taken to clothing his swirling ribbons of agreements and contract-law with a human shell, derived from the soulless husks of those employees trapped in his corporate web.

Magnus Carter is attended by Mina van Tienhoven, the virgin sacrifice made by the Bilderberg group in 1877 to forge their compact with Belphegor, and Magnus Carter's personal secretary.  Because Corporations drain the souls of those who work for him, he's also attended by an army of "Empty Suits," soulless look-alike men dressed in factory-made suits and ties.

His flowers are Gorse (Something held in thrall) and the Wild Rose (Something weird)

Estate of Corporations

  • Corporations seek to increase the profits of their shareholders (3) 
  • Corporations are legally people (1) 
  • Corporations are constructed out of legally-binding contracts (1) 
  • Corporations only understand money (1) 
  • Those under the thrall of Corporations eventually lose their humanity (1)

Domain Miracles of Corporations

  1. Make an event or an institution slightly more corporate. Create corporate trappings out of nothing: Clean lines, ties, suits, nice outfits. Make a venture slightly more profitable (but only cosmetically)
  2. Know all the details of a corporation just by looking at them, including who works for them, what their profit margins are, what they make, how they interact with other corporations. Can talk to other corporate entities (as spirits).
  3. Make a corporation more of an entity in the local environment. Increase its profit, make it more influential or powerful. Make corporate life more soul-sucking than usual.
  4. Construct a corporation out of nothing. Turn an institution into a corporation. Allow a corporate entity to materialize. Create a soulless corporate minion from nothing.
  5. Seriously damage or destroy a corporation. Hollow it out so people no longer invest in it, no longer trust it in, so that its legal protections are removed. Destroy the spirit of a corporation. See the fate of a corporation, and see how the rest of the world is shaped by corporations, or understand things that a corporation governs. Make a company particularly pleasing and fulfilling to work for. Ruin a corporations ability to make money.
  6. Change the policies of a corporation. Change the destiny of a corporation, making it good or making it evil. Transport a corporation (“Toyota's traditional headquarters here in Spokane”)
  7. Create a world-spanning corporation from nothing. Create an army of soulless corporate minions. Allow the true, greater-god forms of Corporations to manifest and stride across the world (“Corporations are, legally, city-crushing titans!”)
  8. Destroy a world-spanning corporation. Make a megacorporation fulfilling for all employees.
  9. Change the destiny of a major megacorporation, or the worldwide opinion of corporations in general. Shift how corporations will impact humanity.

Persona Miracles of Corporations

  1. Make someone (or something) a little more corporate: A little more straight-tie, a little more money-obsessed, a little more soulless.
  2. Become present in any Corporation. Become any soulless corporate minion (empty suit). See through the eyes of any corporate employee.
  3. Make yourself, legally, a person. Make yourself highly profitable. Suck the souls out of those beneath your control
  4. Make something, legally, a person. Make someone a construct of contracts and agreements (that can be negotiated). Make someone only able to understand money. Make someone profitable. Turn someone into a soulless corporate minion.
  5. End someone's curse of soullnessness. Remove someone's ability to make profit or understand money. Remove someone's legal status as a person. Become all corporations. Become the CEO of any corporation.
  6. Make someone a CEO or a champion of corporations. Surround someone with corporate things. Become metaphorically profitable.
  7. Make someone a construct of contracts that can be negotiated to become something inhuman and powerful (like turning someone into a true corporation: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were people before the Dark Duke found a new use for them. Their deaths caused quite some economic ripples!). Someone becomes metaphorically profitable. Incorporate things like cities, or turn them into contracts that can be negotiated, or legally people. Everyone who serves a nation or lives in a city will become soulless.
  8. An entire city becomes unprofitable or nobody in it is legally a person anymore. Cure an entire nation of soullessness.
  9. Make someone a cosmic-scale CEO. A nation becomes bound up in a corporation or itself corporate.

Empty Suits

Magnus Carter creates Empty Suits wherever he goes. Mortals who spend too long in his Glory can become empty suits as well. People who work too long at corporations, especially at the highest levels, become Empty Suits.

Empty suits have the Gift of Invisibility (they are simply not noticed unless they choose to be) and the following Properties (note that breaking a property and taking a “wound” might not physically kill an Empty Suit. Often, it returns their humanity):
  • Empty suits have no strong opinions (1)
  • Empty Suits serve Corporations (3)
  • Empty suits offend nobody (1)
  • Empty suits know what all other empty suits know (2)

<==========================Spoilers Start Here==========================>


The Dark Duke of Corporations is an example of an Estate created entirely by mankind. It didn't exist until recently, as the result of a conspiracy of mortal magicians in the Gilded age. They sacrificed a virgin unto the demon Belphegor to cement their power and wealth in the world. Belphegor arose and created a contract with them. This contract created, ex-nihilo, the estate of Corporations, and the contract itself gained sentience and became a Power, the Dark Duke of Corporations. This resonated backward and forward through time, cementing the power of the First Families of America, and creating a new pin to hold the world against Excrucian intrusion, and laying the foundations of Belphegor's Reincarnation Engine, which was the true reason Belphegor agreed to the contract.

The sacrificed virgin, Mina Van Tienhoven, had her name, memory and dharma struck from the world and became the Dark Duke's first Anchor, his personal assistant. She carries the Duke's schedule and his original contract. Thus, she literally bears the Dark Duke; wherever Maude goes, the Power of Corporations is always close behind, and Maude determines where and when the Duke shows up. Those who cannot gain access to the Duke often try to gain the attention of Maude, for if they can gain her favor, they can usually gain the Dark Duke's attention soon enough.

His other anchor are the Society of the Elect, the First Families of America. Through them, the Dark Duke's influence is woven into the very fabric of American society (noticable in how Americans prefer to use corporate tradmarks™ to actual terms, such as “kleenex™” rather than “tissue” or “lifesaver™” rather than breath mint, etc). Each family has one member, usually the head of the family, who attends the yearly Bilderberg Conference, wherein the Dark Duke's name is invoked and the direction of Belphegor's New World Order is discussed.

The Duke has recently taken to using the economic engines of his Corporations and his ability to create Empty Suits to drain the souls of those humans who have fallen into his Corporate webs and use the resulting husks as a shell of a human form (within his well-dressed human form, he is nothing but the swirling words and ribbons of contractual obligation). This has resulted in a more human perspective. He has experienced the delight of sushi, or the crisp coolness of winter air on his skin, and he wants to experience more. He has fallen in love with one of the human powers of the Tacoma and seeks to please her, to delight her. This increasing love and fascination has made the Duke question the principles of the Dark to which he has sworn himself, and his loyalty to Belphegor's devilish agenda. He has begun to make covert arrangements to align himself with the Tacoma and the Light.

Relationship with the Tacoma

The Tacoma's fantastic wealth and his fascinating Powers have drawn Magnus' eye and he has grown impressed. In a fit of rebellion, he feels more drawn to the Tacoma than his own “father,” Belphegor, but he's unsure of how to connect with the Tacoma or his powers, so he tends to awkwardly hang out near them, and then grow spiteful and angry whenever Belphegor or one of the other Powers of Belphegor show up, in an effort to keep up appearances.

He has yet to gather up the courage to ask out the Power that has gained his eye, though he's done a lot to secretly improve the standing of her family in the world and drawing her family closer and closer to his corporate power.


Aspect 0 (Mortal)
Domain 4 (Duke)
Persona 2
Treasure 1
Common Gifts: Elusive (1), Glorious (2), Unblemished Guise (1), Immutable (1)
Miracle Points: 8

Passions and Skills (Superior)

Passion: I want to be a real boy: -1
Superior Quality: Superior Executive +3
Skill: Hostile Takeover +4
Skill: Accounting +3
Skill: Honesty -1
Skill: Shine 2 (Free)
Skill: Cool 2

Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I always fulfill the letter of all agreements I make (2)
Bond: I have more than enough wealth to accomplish my goals (2)
Bond: I would be lost without my personal secretary (4)
Bond: My cult and I profit from one another (1)
Bond: I'm in love with a fellow Power (1)
Affliction: Wherever I go, Empty Suits follow (3)
Affliction: I am a living contractual agreement (1)

Magnus Carter's Anchors

Mina Van Tienhoven, the Bilderberg Princess, Personal Assistant to the Devil

The Van Tienhoven family have long been deeply connected with Belphegor, from his first steps into the the world, with the creation of the Estate of Corporations in 1602, to his compact with the First Families of America in 1877 when Magnus Carter was born. Their admission to the Society of the Elect has lead to a fantastic rise in power, but at great cost, the greatest was that the Van Tienhoven family had to offer up their youngest daughter, Mina, to Belphegor in 1877 as a virgin sacrifice.
Belphegor accepted, but her sacrifice was made not with blade and blood, but with pen and ink. She signed away her soul into service to Belphegor, binding herself to eternal service to her new diabolical master.

Her contract stipulates that she will serve Belphegor, that she will sustain his Estate of Corporations and the Society of the Elect, and that she is, in fact, a virgin. As long as she maintains the contract, the families of the American Round Table remain prosperous, and she remains immortal.
Mina appears as an unassuming but attractive young woman dressed smartly in a modest and slightly out-of-date skirt-suit, with buckled heels and lace gloves. She can flow from a flawless American accent (with a distinctly New English tinge) to exquisite Victorian English to perfect Dutch (she speaks a Gelderse dialect). She carries Magnus Carter's schedule: those who cannot get ahold of the Dark Duke himself often seek to gain the attention and pleasure of Mina, for if she notes the meeting in the Dark Duke's schedule, he is compelled to appear. As a result, a cult to Mina, the so-called Bilderberg Princess, has grown up in the penumbra of Corporate or Political wannabes who yearn to gain the highest eschelons of power.

She currently resides in the Living Shangri-La. She has fallen in love with a handsome and dashing up-and-coming CEO, but were she to act on her feelings, she would violate the terms of her contract, and bring an entire estate and the fabric of modern economics crashing down around her. Thus, she waffles in tragic indecision.

Passions and Skills
Passion: Girls are meant to be seen and not heard +3
Passion: Surely if we can just talk it out, we can come to a reasonable compromise -1
Skill: Secretary +4
Skill: Shine +1

Bonds and AfflictionsBond: I'm secretly in love (2)
Affliction: I am a virgin (4)
Affliction: I am soul-bound to Corporations (3)

The Society of the Elect

Also known as the American Round Table, the First Families of America, and the Bilderberg group (after their later meetings, and expansions, that began in the 1950s). This group of power-hungry cultists made a compact with Belphegor to bring about his New World Order in exchange for fantastic wealth and power. The contract contained such power that it elevated every member of the founding families backwards and forwards in time. Magnus Carter is the literal manifestation of that agreement, and as such, all members of the Society of the Elect are bound to Magnus as anchors. This includes the following:
  • The Descendants of Henry Latham Currey
  • Mark Cutifani, chairman of the De Beers Group
  • Robert Kuok
  • David Rockefeller
  • Cornelis van Tiendhoven
  • Audrey Fairfax

The All-Seeing Eye

Magnus Carter's contract is sealed with the Eye of Providence. All corporate heraldry descend from this, the original masonic imagery, and Magnus's growing power in 20th century America means he has placed his stamp on each dollar bill. Wherever the Eye of Providence is, so too is Magnus Carter.

The Eye of Providence, it should be noted, is just a symbol, the iconography of Magnus Carter. It is not a living thing, though this does not stop people of accusing it of sinister conspiracies, or of forging new connections with aliens, nor did this stop it from guest-starring in a children's cartoon for a couple of years before Magnus Carter found out and put a stop to it.

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