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Ego Communion, or more commonly (and its opponents would say, more arrogantly) known as just "Communion" represents Communion with the super-ego of the collective unconsciousness of the galaxy's sapient alien races.  Those who communion with this super-ego can connect with the very concept of connection itself.  They gain access to higher powers of self-restraint, community, interconnection, and the way things out to be.

Communion uses the rules from GURPS Powers: Divine Favor as their base.


Access to Communion requires that the character be psionic (being latent is not enough!  He must actually have acquired and trained powers, though how much training is necessary depends on the GM... and Communion itself!).  Characters who are genetically engineered to have psionic powers are generally not acceptable to Communion (but players may take a perk, or the GM can even waive the restriction, as the rule is more in place to explain why you can't make legions of Jedi).

Communion also requires -10 points worth of religious disadvantages.  Generally, these are some combination of the Ethical Psions Code or Disciplines of Faith (Mysticism), but alternate faiths exist.  We'll define this more completely when we design our setting.

Petition Rules

Petition generally follows the rules outlined in Divine Favors.  You may not use Luck on your petition roll and you may not critically succeed or fail, but  you may use Destiny, especially a Destiny related to Communion, to ensure a successful petition!

The rules on modifiers are as follows:

  • Leave the rules for long-duration prayer the same.
  • Leave the rules for faithful followers the same.
  • Apply the same rules for repeated prayers.
  • Apply the same Sanctity rules.  Places with high Dark Sanctity (that is, sacred to Dark Communion) or with Twisted Psionic Energy count as Low-Sanctity for Communion.
  • Replace the rules for loud praying with the following: +1 for closing eyes, gesturing/pointing towards subject as well as succeeding at a Meditation roll.
Furthermore, characters can gain a bonus on their petition roll by gaining symbolic resonance with the Paths of Communion.  Any character with Communion may evoke three symbols for a +1 to their Petition roll, while characters on a Path may evoke up to three symbols for a +1 for each symbol for the invocation of Path-related miracles only.

Reaction Rolls

The rules work as written: Ego is a stickler for the rules.

Characters with Legendary Reputations associated with the Paths of Ego may add their reaction bonus to this rule.

When it comes to Bad or Very Bad reactions, ominous thunderclaps may or may not be appropriate. For Bad reactions, consider instead some ominous visions (and perhaps a negative destiny worth -5 points to go with it, that will occur, and thus lapse, within a day) or a headache (moderate pain -2) for the next few minutes that comes from the psionic feedback of Communion.  For Very Bad or Disastrous reactions, consider a headache that causes Severe Pain (B428) for two days, or a sinister aura that causes a -2 reaction from all non-psionic people and a -6 from psionic or sensitive people, or perhaps a negative Destiny worth -15 points that will occur shortly, and a vision of said destiny.

Meditative Magic

Character who have gained a minimum of Communion 4 may use Meditation, Holiness or Study (GURPS Thaumatology, page 53-54) to generate psionic energy reserves.  There is no upper-limit on how much psionic energy that may be stored up this way and it is never lost unless the character loses his connection with Communion or gains connection with another form of Communion, or grievously sins against Communion.  Ignore the rule that states this power cannot be combined with fatigue: It is no different from Energy Reserves (Psionic) except that its source comes from Communion itself, rather than the hero. Finally, the maximum amount the hero may spend on a given use of psionic ability is the higher of his Will + Psi Sensitivy, or Will-Based Meditation + Psi Sensitivity.

Miracles and Learned Prayers

The rules for Communion Miracles and Learned prayers are identical to those in Divine Favor.

A special class of Miracles exist within Communion, because of its interaction with psionic powers.  A character who already has access to a power may use

Minor Blessings

Minimum Reaction: Neutral

Bond of Communion

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 4.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points.

Bond of Communion forms a tight, psionic connection between two individuals across space. This lasts connection lasts until a significant event takes place, at least an hour, and typically no longer than a day. The bond allows the two individuals to sense one another's emotional state, and those with Telepathy can exploit it to automatically send messages to one another.

As a specified prayer, this will only apply to characters with whom the character has a friendly, non-hostile relationship with (generally other PCs or allies). As a Learned Prayer, the character must specify which character he has a connection with at the outset, and it cannot change.

Statistics: Mind Link (one individual) (Cosmic: Transcends the spatial limitations +50%, Cosmic: Allows Emotion Sense as well as Telerecieve and Telesend +50%, Divine -10%) [10] + Empathy (Only with Mind-Linked Individual -80%, Divine -10%) [3]


Learned Prerequisite: Communion 4.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points.

As Confidence (Divine Favors page 8).

Psionic Focus

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 4.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3 points.

Entering into a state of Communion can greatly enhance one's own connection with his psionic gifts. This miracle grants +3 to any single Psionic power, chosen when the prayer activates. These bonuses last for one hour, or long enough to make use of a bonus roll, which ever is longer.

Statistics: One single defined Psionic Talent 3 (Divine -10%) [14] + Rules Exclusion: May Exceed the +4 Talent Cap [1]. Note: you must choose which Psionic Talent this applies to when you either activate this miracle as a Specific Prayer, or when you purchase it as a learned talent.

Primordial Expertise, Lesser

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 4 and either Primordial Reputation 1 or Destined (To Follow Path X) 1.
Learned Prayer Cost: 3.

Characters who follow the Path of an Archetype may draw upon the inherent knowledge within that Archetype to improve their own skills in a particular area. Gain +3 to the skills from a single Archetype talent worth 5/level.

Statistics: Talent 3 (Divine, Path -25%) [12], Rule Exception (This talent may exceed +4) [1]

Gift of the Life Force

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 5.
Learned Prayer Cost: 4 points.

As Flesh Wounds (Divine Favors p9).

The Tao of Communion

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 6.
Learned Prayer Cost: 5 points.

The character may commune with the general, collected wisdom of all galactic sapients and thereafter just know how to accomplish something. Sometimes, he even retains a fragment of this knowledge! Once per day, after invoking this miracle, you may use any skill that you don't know at IQ or DX for one roll (or for a series of closely related tasks, at the GM's discretion). If he has any spare character points, he may spend one on this skill, learning it instantly, though for the first month he's at -2 and cannot spend any further points on it.

Statistics: Wild Talent (Divine -10%, Retention +25%) [23]

The Wisdom of Communion

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 6.
Learned Prayer Cost: 5 points.

As Divine Guidance (Divine Favors p10), but use the Philosophy skill instead of Theology.

Greater Primordial Expertise

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 6 and either Primordial Reputation 1 or Destined (To Follow Path X) 1.
Learned Prayer Cost: 5.

As with Primordial Expertise, but this allows them to access talents worth 10/level, if the Archetype has one.  This does not follow the normal rules for "Enhanced" Miracles, as it represents a different talent the character is gaining access to.

Statistics: Talent 3 (Divine, Path -25%) [23], Rule Exception (This talent may exceed +4) [1]

Major Blessings

Minimum Reaction: Good

Sense Communion

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 7.
Learned Prayer Cost: 6.

The character can connect with Communion to get a better sense of the state of the local Communion (whether it is particularly Ego- or Id-aspected, etc). Distance is nearby (how far this goes is up to the GM, but within a city, or within a relatively small region is acceptable). It also whether any Communion Miracles are currently active in the area. To gain greater insights into what is disturbing local Communion (an “Analysis” roll), the character must roll Philosophy: Communion grants him perfect information, but the character must have sufficient knowledge to understand what he is sensing.

Statistics: Detect Communion (Divine -10%, Cosmic, no die roll required +100%) [29]

The Tao of Hyperspace

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 7.
Learned Prayer Cost: 6 points.

As Traveler's Blessing (Divine Favor page 10).

Consecrate Ground

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 9.
Learned Prayer Cost: 10 points.

As Consecrate Ground (Divine Favor page 12). Use Meditation rather than Religion Ritual.

Universal Psionics

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 9.
Learned Prayer Cost: NA

By channeling his power through Communion, the psion can reach distant, impossible places with certain psionic powers. For one use of a single power (what exactly constitutes a use is up to the GM, but a series of interrelated tasks is appropriate, but it should take no longer than an hour), the character may use that power “blind” and at any distance, including interstellar distances. The GM should generally limit this to ESP (Clairvoyance and Clairaudience especially) or Telepathic powers (Telesend and Telerecieve especially), but he may expand this out to a few additional powers (Remote Control or I/O Tap from Ergokinesis, TK-Crush from Psychokinesis and so on). When using this power “blind,” use the rules from Telesend regarding blind usage of psionic powers.

Universal Psionics cannot be learned as a Learned Prayer. It represents one benefit that can be gained only via direct Communion. Psions who wish to learn to improve their range as a standard ability should simply increase the level of the psi-power in question. The ability to use a power blind (using the telesend rules) is a Rules Exclusion perk.

Statistics: Unusual Background (May ignore range limitations with Psionic Powers) [50]. The price is roughly equivalent to the point difference between a level 1 version of a power, and one stripped of all range limitations. Naturally, this rule makes for a bad advantage, but it works fine as a benchmark for a benefit granted by a divine patron.

Miraculous Power

Minimum Reaction: Very Good

Psychic Omniscience

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 11.
Learned Prayer Cost: 15 points.

The character's connection with the Communal Ego grants him perfect awareness of all Psionic Activity in the area. It allows him to detect the state of local Communion and the direction/power of the nearest Communal Miracle (as with Sense Communion), and the direction and power of the nearest psion or psionic activity. Distance is not a concern with this Miracle, though the GM is free to limit the distance to “Within the current star system.” If the character wishes to gain additional insights into what he is seeing (an “Analysis” roll), roll Philosophy: Psychic Omniscience provides perfect information, but the character must have sufficient knowledge to understand what he's seeing.

Statistics: Detect Psi (Divine -10%, Long Range +50%, Cosmic, no die roll required +100%) [72]

Master of Ego

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 11.
Learned Prayer Cost: 17 points.

The character's connection to the Communal Ego protects him from psionic powers drawn from baser sources. While under the protection of this miracle, no psionic power can affect him except for psionic powers coming from characters with an explicit connection to Communion (that is, Communion of at least 4), or powers that he allows to affect him. This does not prevent the character from using his own psionic powers. This protection lasts for an hour, or until it defends him at least one against a psionic power (whichever takes longer).

Note that this does not protect the character from Divine miracles. Characters with a connection to the Communal Id can still channel Id to defeat the character, they just cannot use their own psionics to do so.

Statistics: Static (Psi; Divine -10%, Accessibility, not against people with Communion 4+ -20%, Discriminatory +150%, Cosmic, may still use powers +50%) [81]

Consecrate Ground (Enhanced)

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 11.
Learned Prayer Cost: 18 points.

As Consecrate Ground (Divine Favor page 14). Use Meditation rather than Religion Ritual.

Channel Archetype

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 12 and either Primordial Reputation 3 or Destined (To Follow Path X) 3.
Learned Prayer Cost: 18 points.

Rather than simply draw on some of the expertise, the character may attune themselves fully with their archetype. This communion takes 1d6 seconds, even as a learned prayer, and costs 1 fatigue. Once complete, the character gains marks and features that betray the fact that she is channeling an archetype (what they are depend on the archetype), but also gains the ability to access any three skills associated with the archetype's talents at IQ or DX +3, as well as +3 to any archetype skills she already knows. Finally, each archetype has its own, often subtle, power that the character gains access to.

The precise cost and benefits of the archetype varies from path to path.  See the Paths of Communion for more details.

Statistics: Alternate Form (Divine Path -25%, Reduced time 1d6 seconds +40%, costs 1 fatigue -5%) [17]

Lesser Avatar

Advantages: Wild Talent 3 (Aspect, only skills associated with path talents -20%, Divine -0%) [48], unique path template [varies].
Disadvantages: Dependency (Return to natural form, hourly, fatigue only -50%) [-10], Hidebound [-5], Obsession (Specified Goal) [-5], Unnatural fear (Marks of possession) 2 [-2], Vow (To precisely follow the symbolism of the archetype) [-10]

World-Shaking Miracles

Minimum Reaction: Excellent

Dominion of Ego

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 13.
Learned Prayer Cost: 24 points.

This works as Master of Ego, except that it also protects the character from Divine powers as well! It defeats any psi-power of Communion power from a character whose Communion does not exceed his own.  This explicitly defeats Communion Miracles from characters with less Communion than your own, and any Dark Communion Miracles, but it does not defeat Broken Communion Miracles.

Statistics: Static (Psi; Divine -10%, Accessibility, not against people with Communion equal to or higher than own -5%, Discriminatory +150%, Cosmic, also against Divine +100%, Cosmic, may still use powers +50%) [116]

Consecrate World

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 14.
Learned Prayer Cost: 30 points.

As Consecrate Ground (Divine Favor page 14), only with the area increased to 4000+ miles (this area is the radius of a circle, thus the full diameter twice this, and the Earth's diameter is less than 8000 miles). The character must first orbit the world to enact the miracle. Use Meditation rather than Religion Ritual.

Primordial Avatar

Learned Prerequisite: Communion 16.
Learned Prayer Cost: varies.

Characters with a profound connection to a primordial image can manifest as an incarnation of that primordial image. In that state, their own personality merges with the mythic imagery found in the heart of communion. This gives them enormous psychic power, but channeling that much energy burns them out. For the duration of the effect (which lasts at most an hour), they regenerate 1 fatigue per turn, gain +5 to resist death and unconsciousness, the effects of High Pain Threshold with an additional +5 to resist stunning, knockdown and torture, and gain a "second mind," the combined psyche of their avatar and their own mind, that can each concentrate on and perform separate tasks.  The price of this power is the damage it causes on the body: Initiating the change already causes 2 HP of damage, and every minute that passes inflicts another point of damage.  While in this state, in addition to the marks of possession, similar to the lesser avatar, the characters eyes glow, and he speaks with both his own voice and the voice of the avatar (plus a few voices of previous wielders of the avatar, etc). The avatar must behave in a fashion consistent with the avatar, is highly predictable, and fixated on a goal chosen when the character changes form.  Once that goal is accomplished, the changed state vanishes.

Statistics: Alternate Form (Archetype Avatar; Divine, Path -25%, Maximum Duration, 1 hour -10%, Reduced time 1d6 seconds +40%, Costs 2 HP -20%) [13] + Chosen Avatar Template.

Greater Avatar

Secondary Traits: Will +5 [25];
Advantages: Compartamentalized Mind [50], Hard to Kill +5 [10], Hard to Subdue +5 [10], Immunity to Pain [30], Regeneration (Very Fast, Divine -0%, Energy Reserves (Psionic) only -0%) [100], unique path template [varies].
Disadvantages: Dependency (Return to natural form, constant) [-25], Hidebound [-5], Obsession (Specified Goal) [-5], Unnatural fear (Marks of Possession, glowing eyes, multi-toned voice) 5 [-5], Vow (To precisely follow the symbolism of the archetype) [-10].
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