Monday, August 16, 2010

After Action Reports: Your thoughts?

I've found some RPG blogs that simply sum up a previous session quickly, a few brief notes on what occurred, perhaps to refresh memory at a later time, or to give outsiders a little glimpse of what they're doing.  Also, it's pretty easy to do.  On the other hand, some seem to go all out, not just giving some description, but lavishly describing everything.  When I wrote an Actual Play of Slaughter City with such detail, I received a huge response from those reading it (but, due to the weight of it, never got to the second, especially with the fact we never got past three sessions).  I haven't tried that here because I thought nobody wanted to read pages of After Action Report... but perhaps you would like to.

So what are your thoughts?  Like 'em short and sweet, or do you want to read depth and detail on what other people are playing?  Leave a comment!
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