Sunday, July 25, 2010


I've made a mistake.

The SJGames forums has a discussion on the Callous disadvantage, primarily on how its disadvantages seem highly situational while its advantages seem rather common.  In particular, the -1 it applies to reaction rolls only applies if people have suffered your cruelty before, or if they have Empathy.

In G-Verse, all Tennin, including their little Goblins, have some level of Empathy (even the Goblins are Sensitive).  I've had the Goblins, in particular, react well to Lieutenant Sam Abrams, but she's known for her Callousness.  Thus, they should probably react in a negative fashion to her.  I'll have to discuss this the next time she's in the game, and try to remember that Tennin should generally dislike Callous characters.
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