Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Slaughter City: the Dark Bond

I mentioned before that my players are splitting up far too often.  I'd like to encourage them to stay together, rather than brutally enforcing it via metagaming.  I could ask them to stick together, but I'd rather it "made sense" and that it was a tempting option, either to avoid sticks or gain carrots.

Talking with Roomie gave me an idea.  What if the coterie bond between the characters went deeper than expected (or perhaps this is normal among all coteries): When a vampire in a coterie awakens, he has within his twisted soul a faint measure of power and love for his fellow members.  Thus, once per day, he may pass on this bond in the form of a bonus.  To do so requires touch, or at least being in sight or hearing range, and this bonus must be applied immediately to a roll. You cannot "save it up."

I was thinking the bonus would be a rote action: you can reroll any and all failed dice on a particular roll.  This is sort of like "giving a player joss" from WotG, except it requires you to actually be there.  This means if you're going into a dangerous or important situation, it's useful to bring your coterie mates along "just in case," since they can directly lend you support via the dark bond.

What do you guys think?  The bonus too strong?  "Once per session per player" too weak?  Lemme know

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  1. Bone Gnawer -

    Nah, sounds about right to keep some people from just wandering off when ever they want. That and it'll add to the idea that you have to be around the other characters once in a while not just to see whats up but to also "check in" and see if they can lend more than money, supplies, info, ect.

    With this bonus it should help the whole problem of running off to do your own thing with out looking for help first. That and it will also be a helpful tool to get players together before droping new instances on them.


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