Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mass Effect 2

My god, it's full of stars.

I haven't anticipated a game so hotly since... er, maybe ever.  Perhaps some of the Final Fantasy games inspired me this much.  I seem to remember being awed by the sheer beauty of Final Fantasy III/VI, but I don't think I was really looking forward to it as much as I have Mass Effect 2.  I suppose I understand true fanboyishness now, though to be fair, I've fanboyed pretty hard over RPGs too.

It was worth the wait.  At least, so far.  Look, just the first 5 minutes of gameplay exceed any sci-fi movie I've ever seen.  Try it, and you'll instantly see what I mean.  The graphics are beautiful, the soundtrack is spectacular, and... Bioware has a true sense of the cinematic, of the epic.  What a way to start a game.

I will say this, though: "Solid Snake, is that you?"  Sounds like alot of the Metal Gear voice actors found a new place in the Mass Effect universe.  Crazy.

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