Friday, August 14, 2009

Stage Fright

I haven't run a game in several months, not since WoD: Witchcraft ended (with a whimper rather than a bang, alas), and so this will be the first to break the drought. And then it sweeps back in: stage fright.

I always get nervous before a game. I'm probably the most well-prepared GM I know, but there's always that point before I've really put pencil to paper, where I don't really know beyond the general idea of what I want, and all I can see are the gaping holes, the flaws. It's alot of work to get past that initial barrier, and so I give myself plenty of time, and invariably, it turns out ok. But it still turns my stomach, everytime.

The first session is always the worst.

I'll have a new player joining us. The pressure should be low, but it doesn't feel that way. Still, I'm sure when I'm in my seat, describing everything for the group, it'll all come together.

Just gotta make sure to review the rules (Simplified suppression fire! Grenades!), make sure the NPCs are ok, and I have the proper sequence of events. Everything else has already been taken care of. Wish me luck!

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